Ash Wednesday.

Ash Wednesday Today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent, the holy season of penitence and reflection, leading up to Easter. It is a time of Confession, humility, and repentance. Today is also a day of fasting and we abstain from meat and treats as we have meatless and no-treat days all the Fridays during Lent as well( and fast on Good Friday,too) the kids always complain that they’re “starving” but I remind them it could be worse; at least we’re not Muslim or we’d be REALLY fasting, that is no food OR drink every day for a MONTH during Ramadan every YR so they’re not so bad off,afterall! We have Mass later today as well where we get ashes put on our foreheads and the 10 YR old originally thought it was ashes of dead people!(it’s actually the palms from last YR’S Palm Sunday.)

As well, I had my eye exam which took about 1 HR and they put these drops in my eyes( which stung) to dilate my pupils so I looked like a stoner and they gave me a headache and things were *really* hard to see and not only checked my vision but for medical conditions as well such as glaucoma, tumours, and cataracts. They said my right eye is weaker than my left eye and is showing early signs of cataracts( which my grandmother also had and had several surgeries for) but not until my “distant future”(and it’s common in seniors) and the photos showed  past blood vessel damage at the back of my eyes,too, from my high BP but everything else looked good. My problem is reading small print( such as small print in books is blurry and I can’t read the instructions on medicine) so I just need reading glasses.

I selected 6 styles of glasses that I liked; 1 with black frames and the other with purple or pink ones, all with fairly small lenses, kind of oval or rectangular shaped and then narrowed it down to 4 pairs and then chose the one I liked best: a “plastic” purple pair with a “tortoise shell” pattern. They asked if I wanted 2 pair and when they said it was a buy one get one free special I agreed, esp. since my hubby’s employee insurance pays for it so I got that pair plus a metallic pink one, one to keep upstairs in my bedroom and the other for downstairs. They will be ready in a few days to a week.

I may not have a blog post tomorrow or the next day as we’re getting a new Internet service provider and there might be a time in-between where one provider ends and the other begins where we have a day without any Internet so if I’m gone for a day or two don’t worry; I’m not dead and I didn’t vanish off the face of the earth; I just don’t have any computer access for awhile but I’m fine.