SockHippo How utterly adorable is THIS? Instead of the typical sock monkey this is a sock HIPPO! If I had one of these I’d hug it every night when I go to sleep! This is the ultimate bed buddy!

Sock Monkeys.

SockMonkeys The 10 YR old loves sock monkeys. She has several of them and has now decided to sew one herself as her next sewing project. She also said we should give up vegetables for Lent instead of desserts, chips, candies,cakes,and other treats and said about fasting yesterday for Ash Wednesday she was mad at me for “not feeding her” and my ulcer pain was REALLY bad fasting as well as it’s extra bad on an empty stomach( like it always is first thing in the morning when I’ve gone so long overnight without eating) and it was so bad in church I felt like I was going to pass out from the pain!) I also saw our old neighbours in church yesterday,too, so even though they’ve moved I guess they’re still in town somewhere nearby.

The 19 YR old was mocking my breathing problem again when I was out of breath walking to the car after church( it was crowded and we parked in front of the church instead of in the parking lot which was full) and he jeered I need to exercise and that’ll fix it(even though it’s a MEDICAL problem I’ve had my whole life and exercise won’t “fix” it) and thinks that HE knows more than the DOCTORS do( but he’s like my hubby and thinks he knows more than everyone) and snickers I don’t really have a breathing problem; it’s just an “excuse” and it’s called being “lazy” and my hubby’s just as bad ;he doesn’t believe me,either. When I told the 10 YR old that I love her she also rolled her eyes and sighed, ” I KNOW, you TELL me every DAY!” and I said you should never get “tired” of someone telling you they love you!

The radio DJ also said when the Pope was giving a public blessing he dropped either his microphone or his paper or something and he said the “F-word” and that just made me laugh as I’ve told the kids before, “I bet even the Pope swears!” and they never believed me, but it just proves that he’s human, just like the rest of us, and now every time I see a picture of him I always imagine him saying “fuck!” and they said on the news the Toronto school board will be having a float in the gay Pride parade which is poor judgement and sets a bad example for the kids; it glorifies sin and they prance around half-naked flaunting their perversions. This country really IS the modern-day Sodom and Gemorrah , is the worst at legalizing, promoting, and encouraging immorality, and the schools are indoctrinating the kids with it,too.It disgusts and sickens me.I hate this piece of shit country so much.