Lev Tahor Follow-up.

LevTahor(new) The latest in the Lev Tahor case( an ultra orthodox Jewish sect being persecuted by the gov’t authorities awaiting a court ruling where Child Welfare is trying to seize their children) is that 9 members of the community( 3 adults and 6 kids) have fled the country in anticipation of their children being seized and once the authorities found out they got an emergency court order to snatch the original 14 kids in the case (persecuted due to them not being mainstream, being religious and homeschooling; these groups are always targeted by the authorities) allowing social services, police,airport and border guards, etc. to apprehend them but when they got to the compound no one was home and they even looked in freezers, dryers, etc. for the kids,too, I mean, REALLY. The 9 members they know that left the country were detained in Trinidad, on route to either Mexico or Guatemala( as they didn’t have the right papers or something) with officials from here going there, and they are trying to get them deported and returned here but they refuse to return on the grounds they’re being persecuted here(which they are) and want asylum and have hired a lawyer and want to be able to leave the country and continue on to have safe passage elsewhere. In the meantime they refuse to say where the other remaining  8 kids are, and hopefully they have also already safely gotten out of the country and won’t be found and are in a safe location where they won’t be extradited. God, I hate this piece of shit country so much. They attack innocent people just for being different(or for disagreeing with the status quo) and lay false accusations against them to defame them and to and steal their children. I hope to God these people are safe, that they got all of the kids out in time and that they’ll never find them. I’m so scared for them.First they had to flee the province(fleeing Quebec to Ontario, but then the persecution followed them here, too) to be safe and then eventually they had to flee the country.


It’s now confirmed that 12 of the 14 children the authorities are seeking have safely fled the country and the whereabouts of the other 2 are unknown.Hopefully they are safe from them as well and will never be found. God keep them safe from a fascist country that targets innocent people and discriminates against them based on their religion,culture, and way of life.

As well, everyone is hating on Russian leader Putin for troops in Crimea even though the peninsula IS Russian territory they lease to Ukraine( funny how the mainstream news media fails to report THAT part of the story though) and as such they have every right to protect their assets and one thing I DO like about him is that he doesn’t let the West intimidate him or boss him around(esp. the USA) or tell him what to do and I admire him for that, and of course the new Internet provider didn’t come like he was supposed to; they”had some issues with Bell”….of COURSE, always some problem with everything in this shit town and no one ever comes when they’re supposed to, and my mother got me these burgundy wool leggings at the “Peasant store” (second-hand store) exactly like the ones I had as a teen in the 80’s and wouldn’t it be weird if they WERE my exact old ones again that came back to me?

Everything just always seems to pile up higher and higher,too, deeper and deeper, problems you can’t fix that canker your life, your family,and the world and it just gets to be too much.Some days it just feels like I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders.