Hearing Test.

Ears I went to get my hearing tested as I know it’s declining which it shouldn’t be for my age. I can no longer even hear the phone or the doorbell and when people speak to me I have to always have them repeat themselves 3-4 times, always say, “What?” and only ever hear part of what they say and just have to guess what the rest is and I always have the TV volume turned up loud so I can hear it so I went to have my hearing tested. I filled out the forms and the lady took me to the back to begin the test( which she said lasts about 30 minutes) but when she looked into my ears she said we couldn’t do the test as my ears were so badly plugged up with wax! So now I have to flush them out with baby oil over the next few days and go back again at the end of next week and have the testing done then! It makes me wonder if perhaps THAT could be the cause itself why I’m not hearing so well; could it really just be that simple: just a build up of ear wax? She did one simple test though: had me cover up one ear( and then repeat it with the other ear) and face away from her as she would say a number and keep moving closer or farther from me and have me repeat back what I heard(or thought I heard) her say,and I only got about half of them right…..so….my hubby said it didn’t have to do with the distance she was,either, but rather the sound of the numbers. It will be interesting to see though what the tests show later and if I do end up needing hearing aids or not, or if just clearing out the ear sap will do the trick!

As well, we got our new Internet service but they didn’t come when they were supposed to ( no one ever comes here on time when they say they will) they said there was some problem with Bell but ended up switching over sometime during the night; they didn’t have to come to the house,afterall, but just did it thru the phone lines but weren’t able to give us the 10 megabytes afterall( we had 5 before) the best they could do in this area is 6. I HATE this shithole town; we’re so limited living in “Bumble-F*ck”; we can’t get ANYTHING here! They also said on the news that HALF the people in this country are leaving the country for March Break so they know it sucks here too and are desperate to get out of here( I wish I could leave for GOOD!) and my hubby totally forgot about the 14 YR old at her dance class last night, too, and had to be reminded to go pick her up and he was 15 minutes late picking her up so she was waiting and waiting there for him to come get her! He did the same thing before forgetting about the 10 YR old at her sewing class,too! He’s such a spaz!