“Ketchup” Post.

Ketchup(new) Catching up on recent events:

– We didn’t have Internet for a few days: our new provider shut it (and our phone) down as there was a problem with Bell(again!) who has a monopoly on all the Internet and phone lines( and just leases it to other companies) some mix-up with the contract and then it took a few days for them to hook us up again. I’m so sick of these things ALWAYS happening to us( even though my hubby denies it) and that everything here is so half-assed all the time!

– I got my new glasses and now print in books looks larger and not blurry anymore! It’s like magnifying glasses and is so much better!

– Our oldest is here to visit for a few days(he flies back on Sunday) and 4 of the kids are in USA on their Cadets trip. The 10 YR old also has sewing/quilting camp for this week for March Break.

– The 12 YR old said that I said the 17 YR old is “stupid” and “ugly” and that I think she’s the “most hideous creation that exists” even though I don’t think that and never said that (I just think she’s weird because she’s Goth,only ever wears black, and looks like a vampire) and now she’s making things up! She also said she “lives in a house with people she hates”( meaning me) and is just like those mean girls in school and is becoming a little bitch now,too.

– Someone famous read my blog: singer Sinead O’ Connor!

– Whenever I say anything my family always tries to discredit me, “YOU’RE the ONLY one that thinks so!” because whatever I say and think doesn’t matter and they think I’m stupid too( and mock me for it) because I don’t understand things and always need things to be explained to me several times before I get it.

– We have to switch Mass on Sunday and go to the morning one( which is more of a rush and more crowded and I hate) instead of our usual 5 pm one because the kids have to practice for their youth group play, even though the actual worship itself is more important than all the other stuff ( youth group, plays, Bible camp,etc.) which is all just “fluff” and extras, and my mother snorted to me, I KNOW; you *always* TELL us!” and I replied, “That’s because you don’t seem to GET it!”

– My headaches are back again and I wake up pretty well every morning now with headaches so I hope when I see the neurologist in May for my yearly check-up he can increase the Topamax dose….and renew both my meds for 6 months.

– The other day I broke my all-time one-day record for blog views: 1176!