Flight 370.

MalayAir No one knows still what happened to that missing Malaysian plane, flight 370 with 239 people onboard that vanished over the weekend. It simply disappeared off radar, almost as if it dropped from the sky, yet no one saw or heard anything and no wreckage has been found. China has found *something* in the water that MAY be plane wreckage but they’re not sure, but nothing confirmed yet, and earlier they had thought they had found a door and a tail,too,but it turned out to be nothing. There are also reports that 2 Iranian passengers boarded using stolen passports leading people to think it could be either terrorism or illegal immigration.I had a dream it was hijacked and had landed in the jungle in Indonesia….

 So what’s happened to it and where is it and where are all those people? Are they still alive? Logically you’d think if a plane that big either crashed or blew up that someone( other planes or ships in the area) would have seen or seen something; a fireball in the sky and an explosion…yet no one did. There were oil slicks on the water originally thought to be from the jet but were later confirmed from a ship; an oil tanker.Also: if it WAS terrorism and the plane did explode with a bomb onboard then how come no one has claimed responsibility? Terrorist organizations have always been quick to do so in the past(to bring media attention to their cause) yet no one has.Would this not then rule out terrorism and point instead to an accident of some sort, although the plane was in good shape, had just been inspected 10 days before, is one of the safest, and was at the safest point( cruising) during a flight,and the pilot was well experienced, flying since 1981, so mechanical failure and pilot error don’t seem very likely,either.There also wasn’t any distress calls from the pilot, indications or alarms of malfunction from the plane, and there wasn’t a storm.

 My theory? I’m thinking that it WAS hijacked, but not blown up or crashed. I think it was flown low, below radar so it wouldn’t be detected, re-routed(and there is speculation it changed direction and was off course, turning back towards the mainland) and landed elsewhere, perhaps pointing towards the illegal immigration theory and that the passengers are still alive somewhere and can still be rescued. That’s what I’m hoping anyway. I hope they’re not all dead, but if they are at least that it was quick and that they didn’t know what hit them, that they weren’t afraid and didn’t suffer,and it would be bad enough if it was an accident…but if it was on purpose, that’s so much worse.I can’t even comprehend what kind of monster would do that to all those innocent people. Terrorism doesn’t make sense to me though as Malaysia and China ( the airline is Malaysian and 2/3 of the passengers are Chinese)aren’t the usual targets of terrorists, who would tend to more likely target USA or the UK.which would make more sense.

 It’s nice to see 10 or so countries all working together though, searching, trying to locate the plane and find the passengers. It gives some hope for humanity still,and I still hold out hope it hasn’t crashed or blown up, because certainly there would be *SOMETHING*; some sort of wreckage and debris; there would have to be something somewhere and no one has found anything, maybe it’s because it hasn’t crashed or blown up?. My hubby says maybe it’s like the Bermuda Triangle and my mother says maybe it’s like in the TV show “Lost” where they disappear onto this mysterious island that actually is another dimension….me, I’m hoping it just got taken over and landed somewhere and they’ll find it with everyone still ok…..you have to still have hope until there’s no more reason not to anymore, and I mean, so far there’s no evidence it DID crash or explode…..but where did it GO?