My Dreams.

Dreams I dream of being happy like I once was long ago.

I dream of love and romance.

I dream of being normal like everyone else, without Asperger’s and all my other social limits and defects, traumas, and brokenness that limits me and holds me back.

I dream of going back to the past where I was happy.

I dream of being someone else with someone else’s life.

I dream of being pretty and thin.

I dream of getting out of this shithole and of moving back to the city and out of this country that I hate beyond words.

I dream of being able to live on my own, away from a family that belittles, demeans,and devalues me.

I dream of knowing what it’s like to be loved.

I dream of having a family that doesn’t hate me ,mock me and ridicule me.

I dream of having a Chihuahua again, like I did growing up.

I dream of having $$$$ so I could change my life.

I dream of a life where I’m not  constantly riddled with anxiety, fear, stress,and worry.

I dream of a life with light, joy,and hope, free of the blackness of dark depression.

I dream of a life without constant bad luck and misfortune.

I dream of a life where I’m not always blamed for everything.

I dream that my life-long always being bullied, abused, victimized,and rejected will finally end.

I dream I can see the value and worth in myself and my life the way God does.

I dream when I die I can go to Heaven.

I dream of going back into the past and changing so much.

I dream of re-living the 70’s and 80’s again.

I dream of a simpler time.

I dream of my happy memories.

I dream of escaping my life.

I dream of my old life.

I dream of being a kid again.

I dream my dreams will become reality.

I dream a dream.