Potpourri(new) – When the kids came back from their Cadets trip to USA(even though we had taken them to California and Florida before,too) they said how dirty it was there and how they didn’t like it ,and I don’t like it,either( due to their arrogance, war mongering, acting like they’re the world policeman, high crime rate, gun violence,and gun obsession) but I HATE *Canada* with a PASSION!

– I was shocked when I heard on the radio that over 20 MILLION people actually watch that lame show “Dancing With The Stars!” I couldn’t believe it! I guess there’s alot MORE losers out there that have no life than I thought!

– It took my mother 4 DAYS to do our income tax! It’s so complicated I can never figure it out; I have trouble with forms( esp. gov’t forms) anyway as they’re always so confusing( esp. for someone like me who’s not too bright) but with MATH thrown in there then it just makes it’s totally impossible.

– I heard on the news the average cost for a FIRST TIME home buyer in Toronto is 400 000$! ( after that it’s in the 750- 950 000$ range or higher) and I wonder where they GET all that $$$$$ from! There’s no way *we* could ever afford that, even before when we HAD 2 salaries! We couldn’t even afford to pay HALF that! How can anyone afford that? Does everyone have $$$$ EXCEPT us?

– The 10 YR old said we should “Go Amish” since we struggle to pay our monthly 600-800$ hydro bills as that way we wouldn’t have electricity and wouldn’t have to worry about not being able to pay the bill!

– I miss my TV show both this week AND next week due to redneck basketball! I’m so mad!! Why is it that stuff for losers always comes first  takes over, and pre-empts all the regular stuff and ruins it for everyone else all the time? They should put that crap on the sports channel where it belongs!

– With the ear wax impacted and plugging up my ears(and now with scabs in there as well) it’s always plugged and feels like I have earplugs in there and water logged so  my hearing’s even worse now(I can hardly hear much of anything now!) and it’s too far up and too deep in to be able to reach so I can’t get it out, and I can hear crackling sounds and it sounds like something’s rattling around inside my head! I also try to flush it out with water in a bulb syringe to loosen the wax( it doesn’t work) and it makes me feel dizzy and I stagger around like a drunken sailor.

– The 10 Y old is starting to treat me like the other kids now,too, and I think she thinks I’m annoying now like they do and lately she says everything I say,do, like, and watch is “stupid”,and will all of a sudden get mad at me for no reason and sulk and snub me, giving me the silent treatment and not tell me why and has given me real “attitude” for the past week and it hurts because she’s the one I’m closest to and up to this point the only one that didn’t berate and insult me and now she’s getting to be just like the others.

– The 6 YR old yelled, “Everyone should just DIE!” and continues to be an unholy terror as always. He also kicked my hubby in the balls as well(he jumped out of the way in time) and if it were any of the other kids they would have got punished but since  it was him( he gets special rights and is exempt from the rules except by me) he got away with it and he never even said anything.

– The troops came back from Afghanistan after an unjust occupation and war for the past 12 YRS( “Peacekeeping” mission, my ASS!) so now I guess they’ll have to go and kill innocent civilians somewhere else…perhaps in the Ukraine now?

– I heard on the radio a local medical clinic has a new family doctor and is accepting new patients so I got a registration form and applied to be a new patient. There is such a drastic shortage of doctors here( millions of people are without) they’ll have more applications than available spots so not too likely I’ll get in but hopefully being a priority patient( with my high BP, ulcer,and migraines and needing my prescriptions renewed) I have a good chance and I applied early, as soon as they mentioned it, so now I wait and see if they call me…