Wayne Gretzky.

WayneGretzky I mentioned the other day how my best friend and I back when we were in grade 8 loved Wayne Gretzky and the 19 YR old was surprised and said he would have thought that I’d be the LAST person who’d have a crush on someone like that since he was a hockey player, but you see, we didn’t care about that,and in fact, we never watched any of his games(neither of us could care less about redneck hockey); we just saw him on TV and thought he was a hunk! As it turned out our crush lasted the entire YR and we even got to meet him 3 times and I got his autograph 3 times,too: on my shirt, my poster, and in my autograph book! We lined up for HRS in the hot sun and heat to meet him at the Toronto Zoo, met him at an event at the CNE,and even went to a fancy gala dinner in his honour(and ended up sitting just 2 tables away from him!) and later found out it was restricted to people 18 and over and even though we were only 14 ( he would have been around 20) we were dressed up fancy  and all elegant-like and no one was any none the wiser! In time the crush passed although I think he still looks good and has aged well, although it’s too bad he ended up marrying that stripper or Playboy model or whatever she was and that his daughter ended up sleazy the same way. We had some fun times fawning over him,though and now when I look back at it I laugh.

As well, yesterday was the first day of spring but you wouldn’t know it because it snowed and it’s still cold.(I hate this country) and I’m reading the “Left Behind” series of books (there’s 16 books and I’m on book 9) and now the kids say all I do is read….but before it was all I do is watch TV, or all I do is the computer….so make up your mind….WHICH one IS it(I’m criticized no matter what I do), and when I said how I hate being deformed my mother snickered, ” NO one’s PERFECT!”( her excuse and what she says for everything) and I told her, “But NOT everyone’s *deformed*,either!”(I just want to be normal; is that really too much to ask?) and when she called her friend to give her our new phone number and was leaving a message she gave her FRIEND’S  number(she was just reading back to her off a piece of paper she’d used to call her!) instead of ours and when I tried to tell her it wasn’t OUR number she starts tearing into me saying I was putting her “down!” so I told her NEXT time I WON’T help her and tell her then and I’ll just LET her make a fool of herself instead!

Our youngest also turns 7 next week and I remember one time when I was on a trip a few YRS ago over the 14 YR old ‘s birthday when she was younger and I sent her an e-mail wishing her a happy birthday and she said to my hubby, “But doesn’t she know my birthday isn’t until TOMORROW!” and he had to explain to her that where I was that it was already the next day,and when I said that clubbing( sluts going to clubs and getting drunk and picking up strangers for sex) is immoral the 19 YR old said, “That’s just what UGLY people like YOU say!” (I replied that I may be ugly but at least I do have morals and God’s laws are for everyone, regardless of looks)and the only thing that bothers my hubby about the way the authorities here are persecuting the Lev Tahor followers( following them when they fled abroad, trying to extradite them due to their religion and homescho0oling, and seizing their children) is how it’s such a waste of taxpayer’s $$$ but for me what bothers me most  is the blatant human rights abuses, injustice,and religious persecution!

Facebook friends also suggested I put hydrogen peroxide into my ears to loosen the impacted ear wax and I tried it and it worked better than the baby oil or the pharmacy ear drops; I actually was able to get a bit of wax out( although I know there’s still lots more stuck in there but it’s a start at least)whereas I never could before and I could hear it sizzling, fizzing, and bubbling in there, and it sounded like Pop Rocks,and another one said her migraines began after her sister’s suicide so it got me wondering if stress can be a cause…and if maybe that’s the cause of MINE,too,as well as the cause of my ulcer and high BP? Could my stressful and traumatic life be destroying my body as *well* as emotionally and psychologically? Is it eating away at me both inside AND out?