Hearing Test, Part 3.

HippoEars I FINALLY got my hearing test! The lady looked into my ears with her little light and she said all the wax is out of the left ear( yay!) and I got 30% of it out of the right ear( I just have to keep working at it; it IS working, it’s just a slow process and it takes time) and said there’s a scab on the left eardrum(explains where the blood came from) where the wax was attached and that the wax is also attached to the eardrum on the right ear. I was put in this tiny sound-proof room that was so stuffy and hot it felt like a sauna in there and she put these things in my ears like ear plugs attached to wires and had me hold on to a button while she went into a room beside me and said every time I hear a sound to press the button. The sounds ranged from beeps to space-like sounds of “eeee, eeee,eeee” and “woooo, woooo”. It lasted about 20 minutes and when I emerged she asked if I was on disability, welfare or any kind of gov’t coverage…..because I DO have hearing loss, even in the LEFT ear where there’s NO wax( so it’s NOT just due to a blockage where the wax is plugging it all up!) but the only coverage is the employee insurance my hubby has from work, but it’s good coverage though and covers 80% of cost of prescription meds and dental, plus the entire cost of glasses, psychologists, chiropractors,physio, etc. and he thinks it covers hearing aids,too, and it had sure better as she said they *start* at 1000$ and go up from there and there’s no way WE have $$$ for that, so unless it’s covered I’ll just have to go without but if it is I’ll be able to hear better. I also had the satisfaction of telling my hubby “I TOLD you so! I was RIGHT!” because as always he didn’t believe me and said I don’t have a hearing problem; no one EVER listens to me or believes me. They said it could very well be my high BP that caused the hearing loss,too.

As well, the 19 YR old FINALLY GOT A JOB! After looking for 7 months he got a part-time job as a waiter at a small diner 3 days a week! It’s not much, but it’s something and at least it’ll give him experience and a bit of $$$ for now(and will get him out of the house!) and after my ulcer pain being gone for 1-2 weeks or so it was back again as well as the feeling of a lump of food stuck in my throat, and my hubby had planned on taking the 2 youngest kids to LegoLand in Toronto today but cancelled due to the snowstorm both here and there! So much for spring! It feels like winter will NEVER end and I’m so tired of it! Enough already! The 10 YR old also asked my hubby to hack and illegally download a computer program for her( since we can’t afford to pay) and I said I just hope the RCMP don’t show up at our door and arrest him for piracy, and at first if I saw them standing there I’d think they were there to arrest ME for writing subversive things on my blog, ha, ha!

I made up this funny game as well where we use movie titles and remove one word in the title and replace it with the 19 YR old’s name, the 6 and 10 YR olds were looking at naked Greek and Roman statues and laughing saying they were rude and the 6 YR goes, “What BEAUTIFUL art!” and it reminded me of when I was a kid and I used to gawk at the naked Africans in the National Geographic magazines; we considered that to be porn back in the 1970’s, and I don’t get it,either, how it’s ok for Ukraine to join the European Union but it’s NOT ok for Crimea to join Russia(who made the West the “boss”,anyway?) and it reminds me of kids in the schoolyard; how the cool, popular kids rule everything and the West is like them and Russia is the outcast they don’t like and cast out, and they decree what’s cool and acceptable and what’s not and they decided Crimea joining Russia isn’t “cool” and so they turn their backs on Russia and made them a scapegoat and an outcast and made them leave the sandbox….it’s all just so petty and childish and they’re just like bullies in school!