My Ugly Mug.

BigAng Here are the 2 celebs that combined look the most like me. “Big Ang” ( I have no idea actually who she even is or where she’s from; I just saw her photo somewhere and thought, “God! She looks so much like me!”) and actress Tori Spelling. They both share similar facial features I do. I hate my ugly mug, my big ugly man-face. My horse face. I’m so homely and ugly. In school my nick-names were “Ugly” “Dog” and “Frankenstein Face.” I was taunted, tormented,and bullied mercilessly due to my unfortunate looks.

ToriSpelling I hate my long narrow face, my big face, big head, big forehead, flat forehead and flat cheeks. I hate my masculine manly features that make me look like a man in drag. I hate my asymetric features and deformities common to Marfan Syndrome. I hate looking like a drag queen. I hate my deformed cheeks, chin, jaw, forehead and teeth. I am severe looking and look like a big, mean, manly prison guard or a dyke, or like one of those stereotypical big burly Russian factory workers. I have always hated the way I look and now not only am I ugly but I’m fat,too.

As well, our Internet was down for an hour AGAIN; it goes down so much and the service is so bad here it really sucks, the 7 YR old was name-calling again so I made him go to bed early and my mother gave me a hard time for punishing him(trying to excuse him as always) saying I’m “not fair”, meddling as always  and trying to undermine me and over-rule my discipline with the kids and I told her that SHE’S the PROBLEM, not the solution and to butt out, and I’m pretty sure I’m dyslexic,too as I always reverse both letters and numbers( just “great”, yet ANOTHER disability and way I’m abnormal and struggle in life and am not like everyone else….that’s all I need!)

The 19 YR old also started his new job at the diner and likes it and says they’re nice there and he serves the food, cleans and table, washes dishes and does the cash; everything except cooks, and oddly they never asked about his social insurance number so I wonder if they’re paying him in cash “under the table” ( good though as he won’t have to pay TAX,either!!) and they said on the news to expect 6 more WEEKS of cold weather and snow so that’s until mid MAY and it seems like winter will be here forever and it’ll never get warm and now 80 % of the Maritimes are having a massive storm with 100 KM plus winds and up to 50 cm of snow and  most of the place is all shut down! Those poor Newfies! I also call the 14 YR old’s friend who stole from us “Klepto” now as well, the 10 YR old and I were playing this word game on the Tablet where you type in a word and it says it out loud back to you and describes the meaning and it didn’t recognize the word “hippo” but DID know the word “f*cker” and then  I was putting in all these swear words and it would repeat them back and it was so hilariously funny I couldn’t stop laughing and I was laughing so hard tears were running down my face, and my mother said to me the 10 YR old said she saw US President Obama on TV and said she must think every black guy she sees on TV is Obama….except she was right…it really WAS him!!