Hearing Aids.

HearingAid I had more hearing tests done, this time listening to words and then having to repeat back what I heard( as well as pressing a button when I heard sounds and beeps) and some of them I could hardly hear at all, the ones in a low whisper, and had to really strain to hear; some I couldn’t hear at all and others I had to hazard a guess what word they were but the louder ones I had no trouble with. My results were put on a graph(like I remember from math class) and the lady showed me how my results fell below( and some frequencies way below) the normal hearing range and told me I have mild to moderate hearing loss in both ears, with the right ear worse than the left. The wax is also 90% gone out of the right ear now. She said normally people my age( 47) don’t need hearing aids but in my case I do as the hearing loss is severe enough to warrant it(so much for my hubby saying I “was imagining it” about having bad hearing but he never believes anything I say or takes anything I say seriously) and she also noticed that I talk really loud because I don’t hear well.

The hearing aids cost 1000$ for each ear and my hubby’s employee insurance at work only covers 500$ in total but they said the provincial health care plan will pay 1000$ but I need a doctor to sign the forms to get the approval…..and of course I don’t HAVE a doctor to DO it…..so I’ll have to haul my ass down to a walk-in clinic and spend HRS sitting there to get it. Shit. I feel really old now needing hearing aids( I selected one that’s sort of a gold/ tan colour that should blend in somewhat with my skin; they had a metallic purple I liked but it would stand out too much and batteries only last a week and a YR supply costs 80$ but they sell them there) and even my mother(who is 26 YRS older than me) doesn’t even have a hearing aid! It WILL be nice to be able to hear again( and to not have to turn the TV volume up to 50) but I feel so decrepit. I ordered it and it will be ready next week. We have to pay up front( thank God for credit cards) and then we’ll be re-imbursed from the insurance and the province so we’ll only have to end up paying 500$ which my hubby is pretty sure he has in his big tin of one and two dollar coins of emergency $$$$ he had saved up….or at least I HOPE he does…

As well, after only 3 DAYS on his new job the 19 YR old is out of work already: the diner was sold and as the new owner came in all the employees were let go so now he has to start looking for another job  all over again! Just our typical bad luck! The only good thing was he was paid all in cash so he won’t have to declare it or pay taxes, and I know everything always happens for a reason but I really don’t see it and it’s all just so disappointing, and I heard mice INSIDE the walls as well which really scares me as they could gnaw thru the wiring and cause a fire and that’s ALL we need…..ANOTHER fire! The 10 YR old and I also have this game where we have this picture of  villain Prince Hans from the movie “Frozen” (who I call “Prince Dickweed”) and I joke she loves him(and she jokes I love him) and every day we hide it in eachother’s room for the other guy to find, and I saw curling on the news(as I fast-forwarded past the sports) and I thought to myself, “ONLY a  country as STUPID as CANADA could invent something so DUMB!” I mean, it’s the most boring, lamest thing EVER, sweeping a puck thing across the ice with a broom? What kind of moron would even think of something so stupid and how it that even remotely interesting in the least and what kind of loser would even watch such a thing? Bo-ring!!