Bully(newest) I heard on the news a 6 YR old boy’s being bullied in school for bringing a “My Little Pony” (which is pink, purple and girly) backpack to school and so his parents complained to the authorities(as they should) about it to try and get it to stop…and their “solution” was to tell HIM to stop bringing the backpack to school! As always blame the VICTIM! They did nothing to stop the actual bullying and said nothing to the bullies or their parents to try to rectify the situation! That’s the problem; bullying is NOT taken seriously; it’s a big problem, there are an increasingly number of suicides due to it and no one’s doing anything about it! All they do is talk( the schools, the gov’t, etc.) but no one ever DOES anything despite all this tough anti-bullying zero tolerance talk and in the meantime bullies keep on bullying and victims keep being tormented and living lives of Hell days in and days out until they just can’t take it anymore and eventually snap and either end up internalizing their pain( like I did) and kill themselves or turn it outward into violence and all the built up rage ends in a school shooting or something.All the pain and hurt has to go somewhere.

Bullying is NOT a rite of childhood or something that every kid should have to endure and it’s NOT ok to bully someone because of how they look, because they’re fat, ugly, stupid, handicapped, gay, poor, another race, colour, religion, or for any reason. It shouldn’t be tolerated for any reason and the bullies should be suspended from school, period. It’s NOT just words and it’s not harmless. I was bullied for YRS from when I was 13 and the emotional scars and damage are still there today, 34 YRS later. It never heals or goes away. Kids and teens and their self-esteem are so vulnerable and so easily formed and so easily hurt and damaged. Bullying is very destructive and more should be done to stop it.It’s abuse.I still remember in grade 8 when I went to the principal she called me into the office WITH the bullies and berated me in front of them that I DESERVED it(being bullied) and that it was MY fault for BEING ugly and that now it will only get worse( which it DID) because I “snitched!” Being bullied is bad enough but the adults and school officials are supposed to be the ones that help you; they should be stopping it!

As well, the 7 YR old kept jumping in his bed(like he does every night) and coming out of his room, running in the hall, into my mother’s room and down stairs, annoying everyone, and my mother wouldn’t let the other kids tell me or my hubby on him, meddling  and enabling him as always, and when he’s up in his room in bed for the night he’s supposed to STAY in his room, and the 19 YR old went to sleep early, at 7 pm so I was worried he was sick so I went in to check on him and when I felt his forehead for signs of fever I startled him awake and  he grabbed my arm and twisted it (I’m lucky he didn’t break it) as a reflex, and he was ok, I guess just depressed, and he’s more upset about losing this job than he was about the last one! I also got a big chunk of wax out of my right ear the size of a fingernail, so I think I might have finally got it all out,but it TOOK a month!

I also resent that we don’t have $$$$ so now I have to wait for HRS at a walk-in clinic(which I really hate beyond words) to get the forms signed by a doctor so the provincial health plan will pay for half the cost of my hearing aids; if we HAD the $$$$ I could just PAY the 1000$ myself and NOT have to sit there for HRS; being poor just makes *EVERYTHING* so much harder all the time, and I listened to 70’s and 80’s music from a happy time in my life I wish I could go back to, and to protest Earth HR last night we put all our lights ON, thumbing our noses at the Enviro freaks and tree huggers and their earth worshipping Green agenda and enviro indoctrination, brainwashing, propaganda, fear mongering and scare tactics!

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