I Miss The 80’s.

80's I was listening to music from the 1980’s, bringing me back to my teen YRS ( I turned 20 in 1987 so I was a teen for most of the 80’s) and it brought back so many happy memories, bringing me back to a happy time in my life I wish I could go back to and I miss the 80’s. I liked it and missed it from 1982 and beyond, once the bullying(1980 and 1981) stopped and my life got better. I miss that time so much. I miss the memories, the music, the TV sitcoms, the fashions( but not ALL of them; I still can’t believe some of the things we wore back then)my friends, my Chihuahuas, my hopes and dreams I had for the future, living in the city,the fun I had, the person I was then, being happy,everything. For me it was almost a “magical” time, now sealed up in a time capsule in my memory. I miss the 70’s( when I was a kid) too, also a happy time in my life I treasure in my heart and have fond memories of. It was a great time to be a kid. Those 2 decades defined my life and were the happiest times of my life. They were not only eras but they were special and always imprinted upon my mind. Now whenever I hear a certain song, or see something from those times it brings me back and I feel like I’m a kid or a teen again and I can FEEL and relive the moment again and it makes me cry. I wish I had that life back again.

As well, the squirrels are BACK in the house again; I heard them inside the walls and in the ceiling and when the 12 YR old was outside in the back yard she saw the hole where they got thru; a vent they had chewed thru and made a hole so my hubby blocked it temporarily and once the snow melts he can properly fix it as the possibility of them gnawing away at the wiring and causing a fire really freaks the hell out of me(we already had ONE fire; we don’t need another!), the 7 and 10 YR olds have this science kit with circuit boards, circuits, wires, etc. and were doing experiments and  building things and it looked like they were making a bomb ( bomb making for homeschoolers, ha ha) and 3 of the kids can’t go to the weekly homeschooling group at the library this week because they forgot to do their lapbook project!

My hubby also said it was “Huggy-Fish’s( the 14 YR old’s fave. toy she’s had since she was 3 YRS old) birthday” only I don’t hear well and I thought he said it was “Heidi Fisher’s birthday” and I said,”WHO? Who’s Heidi Fisher?”( I really DO need hearing aids!!) and in church yesterday the priest had on this PINK robe and he said to everyone “I’m NOT wearing a pink robe….it’s ROSE!” and “The Rich Lady” was there again,too, and she inspires me, so elegant, classy,and sophisticated, and she’s like a breath of fresh air in this town full of low-life rednecks and it really needs someone like her to swank this place up!

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