Election(new)FINALLY! This is our chance to kick out the lying, scheming, deceitful, corrupt scumbag Liberals! The NDP didn’t pass the budget so the provincial gov’t was dissolved and we have an election 12 June! It’s about TIME,too! The Liberals are the WORST of them all, with the most scandals( eHealth, ORANGE, gas plant, teacher’s union, deleted emails,etc.) wasteful spending, lying, corruption, it goes on and on I don’t even think people here are dumb enough to re-elect them! They have turned Ontario from a “Have” province into a “Have-Not” province. I’m hoping the Conservatives win, but in all truth I’d even vote for anarchists rather than the Liberals; anyone but them! I THINK the Conservatives will win a minority with the NDP as official opposition although I’m hoping that they win a majority. I hope the Liberals will be crushed and just decimated in the polls and come in dead LAST. I’m not the only person who’s fed up with their corruption. They suck BALLS!

As well, today is a jiu-jitsu tournament for the 16 and 19 YR olds and they left later last evening….and of course my hubby forgot his clothes(he’d left them by the door!) AND the camera….he always loses and forgets EVERYTHING all the time; his cell phone, keys, credit card, wallet, you name it. What a tool.I have achy ears and jaw and am really tired,too, so I guess I’m catching the 19 YR old’s cold (only I’D get a cold in the SPRING!) and the 7 YR old asked me if the news today was “old” and the “Cow Cat” hasn’t been around for the last couple of days so was it just “using” us? Did it just come over for a couple of days to eat and then leave, or is it perhaps out hunting, got hit by a car, has a girlfriend, or maybe it has an owner that got suspicious it’s been “cheating” on them with us and locked it up indoors as punishment? In any case we haven’t seen it around anymore….

I also had a weird dream I was time travelling and tele porting naked and ended up in Costa Rica and was being processed in line for illegal immigration with all these other people and I was so embarrassed because I was naked, and I got into an argument online yesterday as well with a guy who said that gays are bullied, suicidal,don’t fit in and are victimized the most and I told him that *I* am,TOO, and I’m straight; that gays aren’t “special” and don’t have a “monopoly” on it, that it’s not just a gay issue and that everything doesn’t always have to be made into a gay issue all the time, and that they really should get over themselves and their victim mentality! I said I’m a minority having Asperger’s TOO but I don’t have special rights, my own flag or pride parade, don’t expect the majority to bend over backwards to appease me, prance around half-naked in a parade for attention,or push my agenda in the schools, and that life IS cruel to those that are different and although I do agree that gays ARE bullied they aren’t MORE victimized than those that are fat, ugly, poor, disabled, immigrants, minorities, etc. and it’s no more worse for them than for the rest of us that are bullied and that don’t fit in and are marginalized,either; bullying is still bullying.