The Gospel Of Barnabas.

GospelOfBarnabas I read an interesting news article about The Gospel Of Barnabas. There are already 2 known ones already in existance, but in 2000 there was another one that’s been discovered, or at least what experts are claiming they think is another Gospel Of Barnabas, similar to how the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. Now, Barnabas was an earlier disciple of Jesus. This latest text they found is dated as 1500 YRS old and was found in Turkey, seized from thieves that had stolen antiquities and is on leather pages written in gold in Aramaic, which was the ancient language Jesus spoke but is a dead language today except for a small village in Syria. This latest text is valued at something like 28 MILLION $$$$!

The contents claim that Jesus was, in fact, NOT crucified, but, like his mother Mary and the prophet Elijah, ascended up into Heaven alive. and that He was not the Son of God but rather a prophet, that Paul was deceived and a “false” apostle, that Judas was crucified in Jesus’ place, and foresaw the Muslim prophet Muhammad 700 YRS before the founding of Islam. The problem with all this, of course, is the implications it would have on Christianity if it turns out to be true; the entire faith and it’s foundations and core beliefs( founded on the premise that Jesus is God’s Son, the Saviour and Messiah and that He was crucified and resurrected  from the dead and died for our sins) would utterly collapse, so skeptics were quick to say that it was all just a big old Muslim lie; that some Muslim just wrote it to try and validate their religion as the true one( since it backs up the Koran and  Islam’s core beliefs) as you can only imagine the Muslims cheering, “I TOLD you so! We were right!”….except the problem with that is that experts have dated it as 700 YRS BEFORE Islam was even founded……so….

People are now scrambling, trying to find answers, decrying it HAS to be a hoax, a forgery, a fraud, but on the other hand experts are saying it looks authentic,too, but either way, so much depends on it,and the Vatican desperately wants to see it for themselves to inspect it, but what I want to know is it’s been 14 YRS since it’s been discovered; you’d think we’d have heard more about it,esp. since if it does turn out to be legit the implications will be catastrophic , so perhaps they’re purposely not saying much, keeping it hidden and under wraps and it will be interesting to see too what will happen if it does turn out to be authentic; what will they DO? Will they expose it as truth….despite the fall out….or hide the truth?

It’s one of those things that makes you go, “Hmmmmmmm…..”


As well, my mother is being her usual stubborn self again: she said she’s unusually tired, dizzy and off-balance; staggering around like a drunken sailor, and says that she feels that “something’s not right” and that she “doesn’t feel right” and then made a comment about  watch her have an aneurysm or something….so I told her if she’s that concerned that she should go and get checked out,and that if she doesn’t feel “right” that it could be her body’s way of telling her that something’s wrong and she should go to the hospital to be sure….but she won’t.She just went up to bed.Now I’m worried she’ll go to sleep and never wake up. The last time she was really sick she refused to get checked and I begged her to and she waited like 3 weeks until she couldn’t catch her breath and finally went and it turned out she had bronchitis. She’s just SO stubborn and just because *I* suggest something she automatically discounts it and rejects it and refuses.