The Earring.

Earring I still remember YRS ago when our oldest( who turns 25 later this YR) was about 6 and he wanted to get one of his ears pierced and I took him to the shopping mall to get it done. When my hubby saw it he was furious and bellowed that only “faggots” get their ears pierced and he was really mad even though I explained to him that gay guys get a CERTAIN ear pierced and that straight guys get the other ear pierced it didn’t make any difference; he thinks that earrings or ANY jewellery( incl. rings and necklaces) are for gay guys only and that no self-respecting straight guy has any business wearing it. I still remember how horrible he was to the poor kid over it,too(because he’s an asshole like that) he’d call him names like “faggot” and “gay”(and would make him cry) and would refuse to look at that side of his face where the earring was and would always tell him to turn the other way so he wouldn’t have to look at it,and would make snide comments that he was turning into a girl,etc. He was only 6 YRS old remember. It was so cruel. Over time the relentless bullying just got to be too much and he eventually just removed the earring and let the hole close up because he just didn’t want to hear it anymore. I never forgot that(and I’m sure our son didn’t,either) and for some reason that always stuck in my head.

As well, I saw my new doc again who wanted a follow-up visit to see how I’m doing, and while I was there I had him re-new my migraine and BP meds for 6 months, and I was almost half-expecting to be ambushed, and embarrassed by my breakdown last time(although I also wasn’t expecting for all the painful things to come up,either and was caught off guard)but this time it wasn’t mentioned and I was ok(so he won’t think I’m a total basket case that’s always falling apart every time he sees me) and weird,too: just a couple of HRS before my app’t he phoned me to see how I was doing too which I thought was odd since I was seeing him anyway and at first I thought it was just to cancel or switch the app’t, but with my Social Phobia I can’t talk on the phone so I had my mother answer it and just say she was me….and at the app’t later he kept going on and on about how I “sounded so different” on the phone( ha ha) I think he was suspicious and I just passed it off as “yeah, everyone says that!” HAH!

The lady that my mother gives our aluminum cans to (she cashes them in for $$$$) also saw the Cow Cat on our porch and said,”Hey! That’s the same cat that *I* feed!” so maybe it IS a stray and it roams from house to house to be fed and we’re not the only ones that feed it, and in the news the Liberal Party leader proclaimed that to run as a Liberal candidate in the election they have to be pro-abortion( so much for freedom!) so if you’re pro-life you can’t run( supporters of baby-killing only need apply!) typical of the immoral tyrannical Liberals, and that the average single family house in Toronto is now 965 000$ (who the Hell can AFFORD that?) and the average semi-detached house is over 700 000$, the average townhouse is 425 000$ and the average condo 325 000$! I wish to move back to the city so much but there’s just no way we could afford to live there anymore. It’s outrageous!