The Allergist.

Peanuts(new) Yesterday the 12 YR old saw the allergist to be tested to see if she’s still allergic to peanuts as for Cadet camp in summer they said she either needs an Epi-Pen or a letter saying she’s outgrown the allergy and her family doctor said he thinks she’s outgrown it and that I’m just “over-reacting”. They put 8 different drops on her arm(peanuts and other tree nuts: almonds, hazelnuts, pecans, Brazil nuts, pistachios, walnuts, cashews)and then pricked her skin with a needle to get it under the skin and waited 5 minutes to see if she reacted. A positive reaction is if it goes red, itches,or a bump like a mosquito bite appears. Right away all of the sites went red and itched and the peanut one made a big elevated bump and shortly after so did the hazelnut one, the Brazil nut one and the walnut but they all showed a positive reaction so she’s allergic to all of them! The doctor re-newed her Epi-Pen which cost 113$ (it’s a good thing my hubby’s drug insurance at work covers 80% of it so we only had to pay 12$) and afterwards we ate at Wendy’s as that’s where she wanted to go but there’s nothing decent there that I like except for the chocolate Frosty although this time they had a limited time Tuscan chicken sandwich so I tried that and it was good. I also got full so I brought half the Frosty home for the 11 YR old but it was so hot ( it was 24 C but felt like  28 C) that by the time we got home it has all melted and turned into a liquid! It was alot better for the 12 YR old’s allergy testing now than it was for me as a teen back in the 80’s; I had over 50 needles in my arm and it was syringes with allergens in it injected; not the pin-pricks like she had and my whole arm swelled up and I got a fever and felt really sick and miserable; it was horrible! I reacted to everything!

As well,I think the Prozac is starting to work already as I can feel something starting to “shift”, like a fog lifting and a dark cloud dissipating, I got my yearly audit at the pharmacy; they asked me what medical conditions I’m being treated for; I guess they want to make sure I’m using the meds for the usual purpose they’re generally prescribed for and not abusing them, a junkie, or selling them on the street or something( ha ha) and my hubby bought a hot dog steamer I think is a frivolous waste of $$$$ when you can just BOIL the hot dogs in a pot of water on the stove for FREE,and I saw the Prime Minister’s plane fly over our house! It was low enough to see detail and it looked exactly the same as his I’ve seen on the news all the time so I recognized it! That’s not something that you see every day!

I was also sitting outside and the neighbour was blasting redneck country music and it made me want to just cut my ears off, and I heard on the news they had a ceremony to honour the soldiers who served in Afghanistan when they killed innocent villagers and there’s NOTHING “honourable” about THAT and they should be ashamed of themselves glorifying war and the military are nothing more than gov’t hired  assassins and are no different than any other assassin; they work for the mafia  or the gov’t but it’s the same thing; they’re paid to kill people, and the Orthodox Jewish community Lev Tahor finally won a victory in court: the judge ordered 4 of their kids in foster care returned to their parents( 2 still remain) but only temporary until late summer until another hearing( where they may seize them again; they did it once, they can do it again,and they’re still monitoring them) so if they’re smart they’ll get out of this country now and leave while they have the chance. They admitted they didn’t find any evidence of abuse but their homeschooling was the issue, esp. that they had too “much” religious education in their curriculum. As I knew all along, nothing but blatant religious persecution. They should join the other members that fled to Guatemala to escape the persecution as they’ll never leave them alone.