My Happy Thoughts.

MiniChi(newest)  HAPPY THOUGHTS:

– Chihuahuas

– Hippos

– Puppies

– Baby animals

– Palm trees

– Babies

– The beach

– The ocean

– Fresh spring air

– The smell of fresh cut grass

– Crisp fall air

– The smell of rain

– Thunderstorms at night

– The smell of fresh linen

– Coloured fall leaves

– The warmth of the sun

– Birds singing

-Pretty flowers

– Running thru tall grass barefoot

– Digging your toes in the sand

– Down filled pillows

– A baby’s laugh

– Gregorian chant

– Incense

– A tropical island

– Flying

– A nice hot bath

– The toasty warm blanket they put on you at the hospital after surgery

– Chocolate

– A tall dark, handsome, mysterious stranger with an exotic accent

– A good book

– Reconnecting with an old friend

– Happy memories

– Reggae

– Listening to music from my childhood and teen YRS in the 70’s and 80’s

– Living in the city

– Laying on my back and looking up at the clouds

– The smell in the country after it rains

– Looking at old photographs

– The powdery smell of the top of a newborn’s head

– Remembering my happy childhood

– Floating in the pool

– Brocade

– Sparkling snow

– Christmas

– Tie-dye

– Travelling

– Love

– Crickets chirping

– The smell out in the  country after it rains

– Big chunky knitted pullover sweaters

-Being bald