The Sweetest Thing.

MonitaBlog I don’t normally put photos of the kids on my blog due to predators( afterall, there are alot of weird people out there and you have to be careful; you never know what pervert might come across it) but this one I figured would be safe since it doesn’t show her face or any detail; it’s a photo of the 11 YR old standing outside the side of our house, wearing her fave. shirt, the hippo shirt I got her for Christmas last YR. (I have a matching one.) This is the same photo she put on her profile picture for her kids online penpal club, you know, just in case.


JonesSoda The 11 YR old LOVES Jones soda! I mean, she’s obsessed with it and is addicted to it! I joke she needs to go to rehab to get over her Jones addiction! The 12 and 14 YR olds like it too and every week after they get their allowance $$$$ the 3 of them always walk up to the corner store and buy a bottle. It costs 1.50$ a bottle which I think is expensive when I can buy a 12 pack of my caffeine-free diet Pepsi for 3.99$ on sale! Now the 11 YR old has to stop her Jones addiction though as she’s sworn to save all her $$$$ saving up to buy an iPod Touch which costs a small FORTUNE so she won’t be able to buy anything for the next 8-9 months as she saves up all her allowance! “Klepto” also came over( she hardly does anymore so I was surprised to see her) and she told the 14 YR old she’s upset that I took down her photo  from amongst the family photos but *I’M* upset that SHE STOLE from us, TOO, which is WHY I removed her photo in the first place, and she still hasn’t paid us back the $$$$ she took yet,either!

My mother also saw the internal medicine specialist who is now her new doctor and will be taking over all her care from now on and he had her cancel her app’t at the stroke clinic today which I don’t think is a good idea; I don’t see why she still can’t do both, esp. since they have all her test results, and he’s having EVERYTHING done, and sent her home with a heart monitor for the next 48 HRS, increased her BP meds and added 2 more meds, had more bloodwork done, and will order a brain MRI( like I had done!) echocardiogram, 24 HR urine collection and testing, ultrasound of kidneys and other organs, plus arteries in legs, etc. eye exam, the entire workup. It might even be her kidneys causing everything since kidneys do regulate BP and high BP can cause strokes. Maybe it can all just be controlled on meds and she won’t even need surgery? She also said she thinks she remembers him saying that the carotid artery dopplar  test came back normal, meaning her artery isn’t narrow or  blocked,afterall, which is good news, and hopefully the stroke clinic can send him the results of all her tests as well?

I also cut the 12 YR old’s hair as she wanted it shorter and I cut a good 3 inches off it and it looks good and at least now all the split ends are gone,too, the 16 YR old lost his health card(that he just GOT re-newed like last month and lasts a few YRS) when he was camping last weekend(but didn’t tell me until now)so now he has to go down to the Ministry of Health office with all his ID and proof of address and get his photo taken again and get a new one(and as if we have time for all this extra stuff) because he’s such a doofus, and my hubby makes fun of me that I don’t let the kids drink tap water( only bottled water) due to all the contamination( lead, e-coli, listeria,etc.) and water advisories and it’s just not safe or worth taking a chance and you might as well drink out of the toilet; it comes out of the same place; it’s like drinking sewer water! I also heard that one of the reasons( as well as high taxes on everything) that everything’s so much more expensive here than in USA is because everything has to all be re-packaged and re-labelled into French but I’d much prefer everything just be in English( it’s NOT Quebec!) and be cheaper! I’m tired of always being over charged for everything all the time and being ripped off!