Noooo! Not Paul!!

PaulMcCartneyVintage I heard that Paul McCartney had to cancel his Asian tour as he’s in the hospital in Japan due to a “viral infection” but there are whispers that it’s actually something much more serious and I hope that he doesn’t have CANCER! He IS turning 72 next month,afterall! My friend S and I loved him back in the day and had a crush on him for YRS. Now she calls him a ” wrinkly old fart” but we used to be crazy for him. He was such a hunk back then when he was younger and we went wild for him. It just makes me sad to think he might die. I hope he’ll be ok. I also heard somewhere( and I don’t know if it’s actually true or not) that Beyonce and Jay Z are getting a divorce as he’s been having an affair with her SISTER and she’s pregnant! If so, I can’t even imagine how hurt and betrayed she must feel, being stabbed in the back by BOTH her husband AND her sister! I mean, what the f*ck is WRONG with some people? It makes my head hurt.

I also saw on the news that  in this country we pay 30% more for gas than they do in USA, as always getting over charged ,cheated,and ripped off all the time( Canada sucks!) and they said the average family earns 80 000$ a YR too but that’s a load of crap; there’s no way the average family earns THAT much, and if they do, I’ve never met them, and some f*cker picked our daffodils and tulips in our garden at the front of the house as well; the rednecks here steal everything and have no respect for people or people’s property; they’re so ignorant and I’ve never met anyone as low class as the losers in this hick-ass town, and next door had a bulldozer digging a huge deep hole in their backyard.

“Klepto” was also over since the 16 YR old isn’t here as her “mom” doesn’t like him but she’s a lez and “carpet munchers” generally DON’T like guys, and next month one of the kids turns 13 so we’ll have 5 teens in the house, as well as the younger ones( the older ones already moved out) Oy, I don’t think I can survive that and I never thought that far ahead when they were younger, the kids went riding their bikes and got lost and I thought I’d have to send the search and rescue helicopters out to find them but they eventually found their way back, and my BP’s low now (it had been sky-high before)with my meds and I feel tired, dizzy,and yucky, and I don’t know which makes me feel worse; when it was high or when it’s low, and when I was taking my meds my hubby jeered, “Taking more pills again?” and I told HIM, “I NEED them and they really help me so don’t make FUN of it!!” and they do help; the migraines have virtually been eliminated, my BP is low, and the depression is starting to lift.

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