My “Shrink” Appointment.

Psychiatrist I had another app’t with the “shrink” and I was supposed to have my Asperger’s “scratch test” but he forgot to bring it. Figures. He says he’s sure I DO have Asperger’s though and the  diagnostic test is just a formality and he’ll write down a note as a reminder to be sure he brings it for next time when I see him next month. I asked him if I “pass” for Asperger’s( he says I will) do I get a certificate or something and he just laughed and he said it can at least be “proof” to show the 19 YR old that I really DO have it officially and that it’s NOT just an “excuse”; that I’m not just “stupid” like he says. The doc also said my being clumsy ( always tripping, falling, knocking things over and banging into things) is a very common Asperger’s trait as well and of course when it was time for my app’t my hubby had some crisis at work; a computer server crashed or something and he wasn’t able to drive me to my app’t and I had to take a taxi, which costs $$$$. Just MY typical “luck!”

This visit was mainly then just to see how the Prozac’s working and he’s happy with the results so far and he laughed when I told him the 11 YR old calls it Ass-burgers but thinks it’s swearing so calls it Butt-burgers instead, and he said it’s quite common how when I travel abroad I feel like a different person with a different life, how I perk up and come out of my “shell” and I’m happy; he said people with Asperger’s normally don’t fit in to social “norms” but when you’re out of the country and in *different* cultures everyone’s the same; NO ONE knows how to behave socially so I’m the same as all the other tourists and don’t stand out anymore! He also said HIS mother had 2 mini-strokes a YR ago as well; she’s 78 and her only symptoms were she was confused and disoriented; she didn’t know how to use the TV remote anymore and couldn’t figure out how to do the numbers( like how my mother was that time with the phone trying to dial our number) and with her it was just her high BP (not a narrow or blocked artery) and she didn’t need surgery; just meds and hasn’t had a recurrence since.

As well, the 11 YR old got mad as she didn’t like how I was filling out a survey and she stomped off angry and said ,” No wonder you’re the one no one likes! I can see why! I don’t like you either and Cuddle Time’s for BABIES!” but then later took it back and said she was just mad and didn’t mean it, the Cadets had their annual parade and graduation, I found out both my mother and I have one of the same meds; one that’s for high BP and also a diuretic, and she has her MRI in mid-June, and there was a video released of pussy boy band One Direction of 2 of the guys smoking pot and many fans ripped up their concert tickets in protest,being disappointed and disillusioned,and the 11 YR old is crushed and refuses to believe it and wailed, “No! They’re NICE! They’d never do that! It’s photoshopped!!” and I told her they’re not as “good” as they seem, that they sold out,and they’re just like all the other musicians; they all take drugs!

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