Dumb And Dumber.

DumbAndDumber My God, I can’t *BELIEVE* this!  I heard on the news that the corrupt Liberal Party is ahead so far according to experts in the upcoming provincial election in 2 weeks! After all they’ve DONE how can *anyone* even CONSIDER re-electing them AGAIN? After all the corruption, scandals, lies, deceptions, deleted e-mails, cover ups,wasteful spending,etc. This is our chance to finally get RID of them! How could anyone even think of having them continue to do even more damage? They’ve turned this province from a “Have” province into a “Have-Not” province! They are the MOST corrupt of all the political parties and if people vote for them again then they’re even DUMBER than I THOUGHT! I *KNOW* people here are stupid and a bunch of dumb rednecks and they were dumb enough to elect them in the FIRST place but if they re-elect them again after they’ve done then they’re even dumber than I thought! I hope and pray every day that they get defeated and are decimated just like how the Parti Quebecois were in Quebec recently with their hateful and racist Charter Of Values. I not only hope they aren’t re-elected, I hope they come in dead LAST and have their worst  rating or score or whatever you call it, of all time!


My stupid computer was giving me trouble for 3 days as well; it kept saying “Oooops, Google Chrome cannot find….” for every site and I did everything; refreshed, rebooted, did Control “R”, closed my browser, cleared my cache, cookies, history, etc. and it still made no difference but my hubby( who works in computers) found out it was some DNS issue and was able to finally fix it; thank God; it was so annoying! The 12 and 15 YR olds also babysit a friend’s 2 kids every Monday but for 2 weeks the 15 YR old has to practice for her dance recital on Mondays and I don’t want the 12 YR old being there by herself plus it might be too much for one person to watch 2 kids so for those times the 11 YR old will go and help and that’ll be babysitting experience for her as well, and my bile reflux pills ran out and just 3 days after the stomach pain is back again(and lasts all day) so I’ll see my family doc this week and have him re-do the prescription.

As well, my hubby’s niece had a baby and she’s just a YR or so younger than our 19 YR old but she’s always been slutty; when she was 8 YRS old she had her belly-button pierced and wore belly-baring tops and when she was 13 she was sleeping around with a guy in his 20’s and about the baby my mother quipped, “What took her so ‘LONG’?” Her mother had her first child when she was just 16 though( hardly a good role model) and rednecks DO start early and usually have their first babies by the time they’re 18, and a friend gave us 35 boxes of spaghetti ( she has over 40 boxes for her own family; she’s one of those extreme couponers) and I hope it’s not because she knows we’re poor but rather just because we have a large family, and we’ll share as well and donate some to the food bank, and with the virus it’s just my mother and I left standing so far; everyone else’s been hit with it.