My Weird Dreams.

Dream(new) I had weird dreams last night: In one I went back to Moscow and was in a shopping mall and went to a furrier looking for a silver fox fur hat to replace the one I got in Russia YRS ago but was lost in the fire and I found a place that sold them and they had a sale where they were only 200$ and they also sold fur hats made out of Chihuahua fur! I had another weird dream as well that with my suntan I burned and had a bunch of peeling skin that I peeled off and stuck the pieces of skin onto a wall and decorated it as “art” making flowers, trees,and vines out of the skin and then I reached into my upper chest and took out a big chunk that fit into my fist and then there was this huge hole and you could see my beating heart! I know, I have the strangest dreams.

As well, people always laugh about how Canadians always say “aboot” for “about” but I’ve honestly hardly ever heard anyone say that except for Newfies or rednecks; it’s not something that educated, cultured people say; just low-class uneducated people or people from the East coast do, and I was looking forward to a new book that was supposed to come out but of course it never did; the guy that delivers it to the store suddenly died and even though I do feel badly he died( even though he was old) I’m still pissed off because these things always happen to me( I have the worst luck) and things never work out for me  and whenever I look forward to something I always end up let down and disappointed.

The hydro truck was across the street either fixing or replacing something on the transformer,too,and the guy knocked on our door saying the power was going to be off for 10 minutes or so and he went to 7 houses on the street so I guess that transformer delivers electricity to 7 homes and it was cool to watch them work and to see him go up in his little basket( it looks like fun!) and it was so windy the wind kept blowing out the flame on the citronella candle we had lit while we were sitting outside ( to keep mosquitoes away; they’re really bad this YR and they were eating me alive) and that’s how *I* feel in life as well; I’m the flame that keeps getting blown out by all the adversary and traumas in my life, and the Prozac doesn’t make me “happy”, either; it just makes it so I’m not suicidal anymore but I’m going to need a new LIFE if I’m ever going to be happy.The boys have such terms of “endearment” for eachother as well such as “ugly”, “faggot”, “cock bite”, “asshole”, etc. and the 19 YR old had the A/C on in his room AND had his window open and I said to do one or the other but not both at once and he goes, “What are YOU, a physicist?” and I explained that all he’s doing is letting the warm air IN and all the cool air OUT and it’s wasting $$$$ but he never listens to me and thinks he knows everything and I don’t know anything and he’s just so rude and disrespectful.