I Remember When….


– Kids could leave their bikes out on the front lawn without worrying about them being stolen

– Kids could walk to school by themselves, play outside alone,and stay out until dark without worry of being snatched by pedophiles

– You could buy a whole paper bag full of candy for a quarter

– Roller skates were silver and needed a key

– I ordered everything by mail and not online

– Photos were developed at first by mailing them away(and it took weeks to get back) and then later at the photo booth and you paid for every print, even the ones that didn’t turn out

– TV’s only had a few channels and when you wanted to change the channel you had to get up and change the channel; there were no remotes

– We had no car seats or seat belts

– We had no bike helmets

– Big Gov’t didn’t exist

– Kids were actually educated in public schools instead of State indoctrination like now

– Most families had lots of kids

– People got married( and didn’t just “shack up”) and most marriages stayed together; divorce was uncommon

– People had the same job for 35 YRS and weren’t fired, laid off, or switch careers every few YRS

– Most people went to church and society actually had values and morals

– We didn’t have computers, cell phones or video games

– Homes only had one phone

– TV was clean and filth,swearing,smut,and nudity wasn’t allowed

– Mothers didn’t work and they were home with their kids

-Everyone had Chicken Pox, Measles, Mumps and German Measles

– We didn’t have A/C and only had fans to try to keep cool in summer

– We would lay down in the back of the Station Wagon and bounce around as it sped down the highway and the cops didn’t care

– Disco was cool

– There were no VCR’s or PVR’s so if you wanted to watch a TV show you had to watch it live

– I would record songs off the radio onto my cassette recorder and hope the DJ wouldn’t talk during it and ruin it

– Phones were dial and not push-button

– To do research you had to go to the library as there was no Google


As well, I have a cold now; at first I thought it was just my allergies when I kept sneezing…..but then a few HRS later my throat felt “funny” and my nose started running, my brother-in-law stole my Bob Marley Facebook profile picture and used it for HIS profile picture, the 15 YR old joked that the 11 YR old loves this old guy in a movie and her friend goes, “Isn’t he FAT?” and she replied, “So ? It doesn’t matter; it doesn’t matter what people look like!” and I’m so proud of her! I taught her well and she’s paying attention; it doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside; if you’re tall, short, fat, thin, ugly, pretty, what colour your skin is, etc; what matters is what kind of person you are on the inside! People are just so shallow and care too much about looks! I was also outside with the 11 YR old and she disappeared and I couldn’t find her and I kept calling for her and she didn’t answer and I was frantic with heart-stopping fear and I looked all over and went back inside the house calling for her….I was so scared someone had grabbed her…..as it turned out she was just tricking me; she was hiding and didn’t answer but I was terrified. It was the worst thing ever but she thought it was “funny.”

The kids’ friends also think we’re “rich” because we have a big house ( even though we need the room for our large family and got it for a good price) and because we have a pool( even though it came with the house and we can only afford to keep it open for 2 months out of the YR) and because they each have their own computers( that’s only because my hubby’s in the computer business though) and because they get allowance( even though they have to work for it and do chores around the house to earn it) but we buy clothes at the second-hand stores, only buy food on sale or with coupons, barely make ends meet, struggle to pay bills, are just scraping by, can hardly afford to buy food and are just getting by, so I guess this would be a case of how looks can be deceiving, but then again I guess compared to the rednecks in this loser going nowhere town ANYONE would seem rich in comparison!!