Potpourri – The kids went to the church picnic and they had a BBQ, games, and a petting zoo with a hedgehog, snake, chinchilla, frogs, lizard, baby alligator, rabbit, hairless Guinea Pig,etc. and I stayed home as with my Social Phobia and anxiety disorders I don’t like to mingle and socialize as it makes me very uncomfortable but they had fun.

– The 11 YR old has been *VERY* moody, brooding, and distant lately with puberty which she’s been in for a YR already; she’s really tall, had been wearing deoderant for a YR now and already has boobs, whereas the almost-13 YR old is still flat but she doesn’t care anyway as she does gymnastics and has the perfect gymnast body; tiny, petite,and lightweight and boobs would throw off her balance.

– Our oldest has these 2 friends( that are brothers) since they were teens and  they’re both now missionaries for the Mormon church and the one in Australia is doing well but the one in Portugal is having a hard time adjusting and is really struggling, the poor guy.

– I have a bad cough now with my cold and it sounds like an old man cough or a smoker’s hack and it’s so bad it woke me up choking at 4 am and I have a headache from the cough and I think I coughed up a lung!

– I saw a guy in church on Sunday that looks like Napoleon Dynamite! He was tall and thin, had curly hair and glasses!

– I have lots of hidden secrets and dreams that my family knows nothing about because they’d just make fun of me and they have no idea and no one notices so either I’m really good at keeping secrets or they don’t care enough about me to notice or pay attention…..or maybe it’s a combination?

– We got  35 eggs from a local farmer for 5$ and normally a dozen at the grocery costs over 3$!

– We saw a baby mouse in the rec-room and one in the bathroom( not sure if it was the same one or a litter mate ) which means there’s a nest somewhere in the house and it was just a newborn too as it’s eyes weren’t even open yet so I gently placed it on a low shelf  on a soft item away from foot traffic so the mother can find it and take it back to the nest and later on when I checked it was gone so she must have found it( unless it just wandered off again?) but my hubby said to set a trap and kill it but I couldn’t bring myself to kill such a cute little baby!

– The 19 YR old has 2 wisdom teeth coming in. He wasn’t sure what it was and told me he felt skin flaps from his gums and had me look and that’s what it was.

– The lady that sits behind us in church and talks to me is now avoiding and ignoring me for some reason but I don’t know why; for the past few weeks whenever I try to  meet her gaze to say hi or talk to her she’ll look away and avoid eye contact and at first I thought it was just the once or a coincidence but then I noticed it every week so maybe she walked by our house one time while I was outside and she heard me say “f*ck” or heard me yelling at the kids or something, who knows? If she’s going to be like that then that’s her problem but it’s really hard for someone like me that struggles to try to be social in the first place.

– I’ve been struggling with something lately and I don’t know if it’s a sign from God that it’s not right for me or discouragement from Satan, or just me giving up when things get hard, but with my Asperger’s and other limitations I struggle with everything ,everything’s always hard for me and  I need things to be easy and simple to follow otherwise I get overwhelmed and frustrated if they’re too complicated or complex and it’s hard for me to keep up and I’m not up for it.