The Monsoon.

Monsoon The weather here is unreal! For 3 days we’re to be having bad thunderstorms and today alone we have torrential rain, strong wind, thunder and lightening; it’s like a monsoon! The rain is just pouring down and it’s washing down the gutters, huge puddles in the streets, bouncing heavily, and the guy across the street was bailing out several huge buckets  at the side of his house outside his basement window to stop the flooding. They said we’re to get 70 mm the one day but I’m pretty sure we got more than that! I think I might have to start building an ark, and the carpet on the porch will likely take a couple of weeks to dry out at this point,too! At least the pool fills up with free water so less we’ll have to get the truck to deliver when we open it up at the end of the month, but sadly the teens are also at an amusement park with Cadets in this monsoon, and it always rains every YR they go, often storms, and one YR they even saw a funnel cloud!

“Aunt Flow” also showed up, 3 days early, and the “Cow Cat” scratched a hole thru the screen on our screen door(we had the other door open for fresh air) and jumped thru the hole, tearing it even more, and came thru into the house(so I tossed it back outside as I don’t want it inside peeing and shitting all over the house or scratching up the furniture) and on Facebook I found out another of our oldest’s old friends is now a going-nowhere loser: he gets drunk and blacks out and can’t remember anything, he smokes and smokes weed,too,and dropped out of highschool and just recently went back to school and got his GED and now he lost his job and is unemployed again. That’s typical for this redneck town though; more people than not this is the norm and they’re on welfare,too. This has GOT to be the most pathetic low-life place in the world to live.