SummerSun I love summer. When I was a kid summer vacation was the best. I got 2 months off school where I could just have fun. No school, no homework, no bitches, no bullies, no studying, no tests, no mean teachers, no getting up early…..just sun, water, friends, relaxing,and fun, all summer. I still like summer now too that I homeschool and I’m the teacher because now I still get summers off school! When I was a kid I went to camp for 6 weeks from age 6-12 and I’d go to the CNE ( The “Ex”) a few times in August (since I lived not too far from it; just hop on a street car and go) and just relax hanging out with friends. We’d go to the beach, the park, the public pool, eachother’s houses, Centre Island, sun tan,shopping,etc. and after age 12 I also took morning advanced  swimming/lifeguard lessons every day at my school which was just down my street. I have so many memories of happy summers as a kid.I still remember the Sun-In disaster,too; how it turned my poor hair a brassy colour!

I love the warm sun, getting tanned a nice golden brown like a piece of char-broiled chicken, buzzing wires, the smell of fresh cut grass, a nice thunderstorm at night while I’m in bed, pretty flowers, listening to the crickets chirp and the birds sing, sitting outside, going to summer festivals, outdoor concerts, fireworks, swimming in our pool,spraying the kids with the hose, tending my garden, watching the kids play, watermelon, having a BBQ, wearing sandals, nailpolish on my feet, going to the CNE, warm breezes, the smell of rain, golden highlights in the kids’ hair, the coconut scent of suntan oil, the smell of clovers, etc. Summer is a magical special time.

My kids love the summer as well. As well as being off school they have the CNE, Bible camp, Sewing/quilting camp, Cadets camp, our annual After School Party, swimming, biking , various outings and activities, playing with friends, the trampoline,and just the long, hot, hazy, lazy days of summer of being able to sleep in and relax and do whatever you want, whenever you want. There’s popsicles, laser tag, road trips, fun and games,scavenger hunts,movies, etc. Who doesn’t love summer? The only thing I don’t like about it are mosquitoes and wasps! If it weren’t for those it would be perfect. I wish I could live somewhere where it was summer all YR long!