Election Results(shitty).

Election I can’t BELIEVE the provincial election results! It’s just ridiculous and defies all logic and reasoning! The corrupt Liberals were not only re-elected despite all their rampant corruption, scandals, lies, deception, cover-ups,and wasteful spending, but they even got a majority, which means they can now do whatever they want and get away with it for the next 4 YRS and there won’t be anyone to hold them to account! So not only do people here not mind corruption, they even VOTED for it! They’re even dumber than I thought and they deserve what they get but what about the rest of us with common sense? I just don’t get it though; why would they purposely elect the most corrupt party of them all, against their own best interest, the one that has turned this province from a Have province into a Have-not province and now over the next 4 YRS of free reign will utterly destroy it completely? It’ll end up like a Third World country by the time they’re done with it.When will people ever learn? This has GOT to be the most brain-dead place in the world…..and here I thought all along it was the Newfies that were supposed to be the dumb ones….it ended up to be Ontario! It makes me hate this place even more and I HAVE to get OUT of here!

My hubby says they’re just voting for the devil they know rather than the devil they don’t know and my mother says they’re giving them a “second chance” but they’re so untrustworthy they haven’t earned a second chance and all they’ll do with it is a second chance to be even more corrupt! Now they’re hailing Kathleen Wynne’s victory as the first gay female premier to be elected and I don’t care if she’s female OR gay; what I don’t like is that she’s a corrupt Liberal and she’s no different than her boss and former premier Dalton McGuinty( who resigned among the scandals) the Liberals are all the same; different face, same policies and they can’t be trusted. I think the only reason they got elected was that people just don’t like the PC leader Tim Hudak and they don’t want to see him elected as premier and his cutting jobs plan didn’t go over too well(and you can never take on unions in a socialist country like this!)and now he’s resigned as party leader, and Andrea Horwath and the NDP didn’t really seem to  have a solid plan and platform ,yet even so….ANYONE but the Liberals; I’d even vote for anarchists( or even the Taliban!) before I’d ever vote for the Liberals; they’re the worst of anyone!

So now this shit-hole just got even shittier.


4 more YRS of hell.