The iPods.

iPod The 11 and soon-to-be 13 YR olds got their iPod touch! It took alot of work, but they finally got them! They had to save up all their allowance $$$$$, do extra work around the house, and even sold things online to earn extra $$$$ but they did it! Even though they’re expensive it was something that they really wanted so they worked hard and saved up everything to buy it. The 11 YR old got hers to use now but the other has to wait until her birthday in a few days as part of it was her birthday $$$$$ she’s using towards it. The 11 YR old’s having fun installing apps and even has a NOYB ( None of your business) folder that’s Top Secret and has it password protected so the nosey 7 YR old won’t be able to snoop around in it! The almost 13 YR old also corn row braided the 11 YR old’s hair like she had done in the Caribbean 3 YRS ago. It took her 90 min. ( it took the lady in Antigua 1 HR but she does it all the time though) and it turned out really well and it’s perfect for swimming in summer. We’re opening our pool this week as well; the guy with the water truck’s coming today or tomorrow to fill it (it take 3-4 big truck fulls of water) and for her birthday party the almost 13 YR old’s having a pool party!

We also donated 22 big garbage bags of clothing to charity and it feels good, not only to get some major cleaning done but to help the needy, the 15 YR old had her dance recital and they even charged admission; 10$ for adults and 2 $ for kids even though we pay for her lessons so the recital should be free of charge; it’s  for families to see how the lessons have been paying off and all the other kids’ recitals ( piano etc.) have always been free; I’ve never heard of having to pay admission before, and for Father’s Day yesterday I flashed my hubby my boobs and the 11 YR old said it’s “gross” (she didn’t see but she heard about it) and I told her, “What? We’re married!” and Father’s Day always been a hard day for me to get thru and to relate to( and it still is) as my father left when I was 2 and died a few YRS ago and I never knew him; I was the only kid growing up in the 70’s without a dad and making Father’s Day cards in school was always hard; making cards with no one to give them to and always having to answer the other kids questions like ,”Where’s your dad?” “How come you don’t have a dad?” “How come you don’t even know where he is?” “That’s so weird!” Father’s Day is just a yearly reminder of the dad I never had. I missed out on alot of other things in life,too, but they don’t all have special days every YR to remind me of  my loss.