Pool Open!

PoolWaterAndFixed We have our pool opened…..well, sort of. The guy came with his water truck( which looks like an oil tanker; the kind that delivers fuel to the gas stations) and it took 4 fill ups, 64 000 litres, taking close to 2 HRS to do and cost 490$….but when we primed the pump, backwashed and turned it on to start circulating the water it did that fine and we thought all was fine and well……until we noticed it leaking all over the basement floor! As it turns out one of the pipes has a leak so we called the pool guys and hopefully today or tomorrow they said they’ll come out and have a look at it and either fix it or replace it, but one of the kids is having a pool party for her birthday on Thursday so we hope it’s fixed and up and running by then and we need the pump working and circulating the water before it goes stagnant and gross and turns all green! It figures though; there’s always something.

Getting the water delivered is better than filling it up with the hose though, which would take forever( probably 2 weeks or more!) and would be freezing cold and we’d have to wait weeks for it to heat up and the water bill would be astronomical; even higher than having it delivered. In any case we can still use the pool; the water’s clean and not too cold, so 3 of the kids went in even though it was a cool dull day and they only lasted about 15-20 minutes because it was cold but they were so eager to go swimming and be the first to jump in for the season that they didn’t care. On a really hot day in the summer we can be in the pool 4 times or more daily! It’s 20×40 feet and 9 feet deep  at the deep end.