The Epic Storm.

Rainbow(newest) We had an epic storm last night! It was torrential rain, thunder, lightening, 104 KM/HR wind and then everything got eerily still and quiet and the sky turned an ominous yellow-green colour and I was scared we were going to have a tornado but then it passed and we got this cool rainbow( seen here).Even today thousands of people are still without electricity( all that we had was our TV satellite went out but half our town had power out) trees were uprooted, hydro wires down; it was a really bad one, and the town of Angus actually DID have a tornado with 100 homes damaged, 300 people displaced and the tornado went across a 1 KM path! I was close to a tornado once; in 1985; I had just come home from school and the wind was making the tree tops bend to the ground, rain was going side-ways and at 3pm the sky was as black as midnight; there was a tornado in the next town,an F-5, the worst you can get, and something like 200 people were killed. I knew something was really wrong and I was home all alone so I went in the bathroom( the only room without windows) and hid in the bathtub until it passed,and once it was all over the sun came out as if nothing had ever happened.

My psychiatrist’s app’t was also cancelled; he was sick and they said they’ll call me sometime later to re-schedule it,and I was to have my diagnostic Asperger’s ( the 11 YR old calls “Ass-Burger’s) test that day,too; this is the second time the test got postponed; I really DO have the *worst* luck, and besides, doctors aren’t supposed to get sick; they’re supposed to help other people feel better, cops drove down our street again; they always go down our street all the time and I don’t know if I should feel safe or nervous, and a plane was flying so low over our house as well I thought it was going to shear off the top of our roof! My mother’s also only been on her diet for about a week( no salt, oily food, fried food, red meat, cholesterol, etc.) and she just can’t take it anymore and she’s been cheating a few times and just wants to be able to eat food she enjoys instead of all this tasteless “rabbit food”.

The pool guys also came and replaced the “O ring” in the leaking pool pump but then they forgot that they left the pump on “backwash” ( which cleans the filter but also drains the pool so you only run it for 5 minutes or less) and they left and then came back about 10 minutes later saying they forgot to turn off the backwash and then they turned it off( duuuhhh) but we’d lost about 3 inches of water out of the pool so I had to run the hose for a few HRS to refill it, and they said on the news for every house in Toronto sold there’s between 5-15 people bidding on it ( due to the housing shortage; there’s more people than houses and there’s no new ones being built, also explaining the outrageous prices)so the odds of you getting it are low and they almost always sell for over-asking price as well and the one with the most $$$$ will always be the one that wins so that would leave us out every time; I’ll never be able to afford to move back there even though I miss the city so much; my dream will never become a reality.