The Fox.

fox The fox is back again and this time I saw it and got a photo! He was right across the street and is seen here devouring a squirrel he caught! (The poor squirrel!) The 19 YR old said, “What does the fox say?” and I told him, “It doesn’t say anything; it’s a fox!” He’s so weird.


LandscapingGarden This is my old highschool friend’s( who still lives in Toronto) front lawn that he just had landscaped. It had red cedar shavings on it before and hired a landscaper to re-do it and now it even has it’s own irrigation system as well. Doesn’t it look nice?(and he doesn’t have to worry about cutting his grass,either!)Seeing this made me sad though as it reminded me of when I lived there and how much I miss the city and wish I could move back except we can’t afford to live there anymore. I miss everything about city life; the neighbourhoods, the houses, the stores, the shopping, the culture, the restaurants, Chinatown, the malls, ethnic events every weekend( Greek, Portuguese, Italian, Indian, etc.) festivals, the activities, etc. I miss the sights and sounds, the hustle and bustle, the lifestyle, the diversity, the skyscrapers, downtown, etc. Here in “Farmville” it’s so boring and there’s nothing to do; all we have here is redneck stuff like tractor pulls, rodeos, and country jamborees which I am so NOT interested in and would NEVER go to. This place sucks and  I hate it here. I miss my old life in the city so much it hurts.

As well, my allergies have been so bad for the past few days my eyes are all red, swollen, itchy and watery, my nose is runny and I’m sneezing, I smelled skunk at the front of our house so the skunk might be back under our porch again, and my mother and hubby saw a FOX running around our street,too! I saw a fox once taking a shit at a golf course as we drove past, with the golfers playing around it, oblivious to it,and it was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen( that and a pickle stuck to a wall at a McDonald’s) and I’ve seen coyotes, and I’ve seen a pig run down our street but never a fox here, and a neighbour said there’s a fox with rabies in the area so I hope it’s not the same one but how many of them would  there BE though? It was even in the backyard next door.The kids also went rock climbing an HR away as we have to go 1-2 HRS away to go anywhere because there’s nothing here in “Bumble-F*ck.”

The 13 YR old also had 6 friends over for her party, incl. a pool party but that day the water was green so we had to frantically backwash it and put in 3 “shocks” (liquid chlorine) to get it back to blue again and by the time of the party it wasn’t too bad, thank God,  and they had pizza, did make-overs,and she had shoes, purses, fashion accessories and Paris decorations and balloons, and a cake with a shoe design, and I overheard them talk at times and one asked another, “Have you kissed John?” and she replied,”Have YOU kissed Sebastian?” and she said, “On the cheek” and she goes, “Which cheek?” and they all howled laughing and she said, “On his FACE!” They’re just 13 and already talking about dating boys and kissing? When *I* was 13 I was still playing with Barbies! I’m so glad we homeschool OUR kids, away from that bad influence and pressure they have in school!

The kids had fun with “Siri” as well, insulting her and saying rude things yet despite that she still always had a polite reply back, and the Premier made a comment how gov’t has a place in people’s lives but I completely disagree; they should stay OUT of people’s lives, mind their own business and stop intruding upon our lives! Just more proof again how this country is such a Socialist Nanny State! I’d just love to wipe my arse on the flag, burn my passport and renounce my citizenship and live somewhere else. I’m such a revolutionary, ha, ha!!