Blackberries I checked our blackberries to see if they were ready ( as they’re usually ready this time of YR) but they were nowhere near ripe yet; they were all still small and green, but we did have a late spring so I guess everything’s late this YR. Our mulberries are just starting to turn a bit red as well and won’t be a nice ripe purple for awhile but they’re always late bloomers anyway. Everyone always picks the mulberries; neighbour kids, squirrels, birds,and us, but we don’t mind; we share and there’s enough for everyone; we have 3 big mulberry trees as well as a small bush and we get thousands of berries. We enjoy picking them fresh off the trees and eating them still warm from the sun. What’s not so fun though is when they start to fall on the slide in the backyard and the kids can’t use it as it stains it all purple( or if they do use it the seats of their pants get all stained) and on the grass and everyone’s bare feet get stained all purple and last YR we even had to move the trampoline as it was right under one of the mulberry trees and the berries kept falling onto it. I’m just glad they’re not anywhere near the pool!

Patti also came by and we must have talked for a good half HR, maybe even longer and she was complaining about her neighbours from Hell again and about all the ignorant rednecks here, my hubby and some of the kids crashed a picnic and got some free food, the moochers, my stomach pain’s back again for the past 2 days so my ulcer must be back again too even though I’ve still  been taking my pills twice a day, unless it’s my appendix now as the pain did also “move” over to my lower right side, and the fox is back again as well; for the past 3 mornings it’s been across our house and on our street; I guess it knows that’s where there’s lots of squirrels and it”s the new hunting ground so I guess we should probably call the wildlife authorities to come by and capture it or something before it attacks somebody.

Yesterday in church the 11 YR old also started crying and was upset but said she didn’t know why; no reason in particular, so I think it must just be her hormones with puberty( which she’s been in for a YR now already) causing mood swings and emotional outbursts, and she beat the 7 YR old at a game as well and since he’s a spoiled little brat my mother said they “tied” like she always does when she wins because she doesn’t ever want him to lose and my hubby sneered that because of the 11 YR old everyone else( meaning the 7 YR old) always loses…..and she was really hurt and upset and ran up to her RM sobbing and crying and I had to console her…..and then I tore into HIM good and told him off for being such an asshole and hurting her feelings like that and told him I hope he’s proud of himself, the Big Man, for making a little girl cry, Father Of The YR! He’s such a dick-turd!