Even Here.

Sun Even here in this country where we have long, cold brutal winters that generally last 5 months out of the YR  we still get nice hot summers but sadly they don’t last for too long. Basically July and August are it, and maybe June sometimes if we’re lucky( although not this YR, June hasn’t been that warm and we had a late spring) we can get scorching temps of 33 C or 34 C and with the humidity even higher, and we have heatwaves as well where it’s 32 C or higher for 3 or more days in a row. The bad thing is though when it gets that hot we also get bad thunderstorms that go along with all that humidity, along with tornadoes,too. I love summer though and everything that goes along with it( except for wasps and mosquitoes that is) and I’m pretty much outdoors all day from when I wake up until I go to bed, trying to soak up the sun, get fresh air and enjoy every minute of it that I can because the season is so short and before you know it, it’s over. I love sitting outside, relaxing, suntanning, lounging by the pool, swimming, floating around in the ass-donut, diving, watching the kids swim, feeling the warmth of the sun,listening to the birds and crickets, enjoying the heat and being outside. I greedily soak up every day of summer that I can, enjoying every single day because I know how short it is, how quickly it goes by,and how soon it will be over.I hold on to,enjoy,and cherish each precious day because they are short and don’t last. I wish I could move down to the Caribbean where they have summer weather all YR long.

As well, the 7 YR old was being annoying( as usual) and the 11 YR old said so and my mother sniffed that SHE was just in a bad mood and when I said that ALL the kids think he’s annoying, too, she sneered, “Well, they ALL LIE!” never admitting her precious spoiled favourite is an annoying little brat (and that she MADE him that way by always  coddling and indulging him!) always blaming the others, and she’s worried about her MRI results as well and seems to have a feeling it’ll be bad news and she’ll need brain surgery but I doubt it since the earlier  CT scan ruled out anything imminent or obvious like a brain tumour, major stroke or aneurysm, and when I told the 11 YR old that she’ll always be my B.B. (our pet-name for eachother) forever, even when she’s old and wrinkly she replied, “YOU’RE old and wrinkly NOW and you’re still MY B.B!” ….gee…thanks!