Kindergarten  I don’t remember much from Kindergarten but I still do have a few memories. I went for 2 YRS, when I was 4 and 5 YRS old. I do still clearly remember my first day, when I was so terrified and didn’t want to go. My mother was at work( she couldn’t even bother to take the day off to bring me to my first day of school) so my mean aunt took me and even though I didn’t like her( as she was always mean to me) I clung to her and was crying, not wanting her to leave me behind. I also remember David and Peter holding me down on the ground in the schoolyard beating me up and how much of a punk David was; pure white-trash, he wore denim jackets with the  sleeves  cut off, with bare arms with fake tattoos all over them,and he even smoked,too, yup, at 4-5 YRS old he smoked! I remember laying down on the blue mats for naptime, making a clay dog and painting it orange and purple, dyeing Easter eggs( I did mine orange), the baby chicks we hatched, playing in the schoolyard which we had separate from the older kids’ yard, and how I was obsessed with wanting a dog and always pretended I was a dog and how the teacher was concerned for my state of mental health and told my mother to take me to a psychologist(which she never did; she just told me to stop as it embarrassed her) and as it turned out that type of thing is very common in kids with Asperger’s; getting fixated on certain things to the point of obsession.

My hubby also got a battery delivered for his home business and it had a warning note on the front of the parcel for the air mail: “Caution! Lithium battery!” and I just hope the RCMP doesn’t show up at the door thinking it’s a component for making a bomb or something, my mother told me that both her mother AND her grandmother had high BP and died of heart attacks at age 50( and her mother was even on heart medication,too) so that doesn’t bode well for me then if it’s genetic, and I have high BP as well but I have been on meds for it for the past 2 YRS, esp. since I’ve always had a “feeling” I’ll die before I’m 50 (my other grandmother called it being “fey” and she also had the same ability as does my 15 YR old, and my mother too, to some degree) and I’ve had advanced warnings/and/or dreams about many other things too ahead of time that have happened later on. I also don’t know what I’m more tired of always hearing about all the time: Pride WK or the World Cup; enough already; NOT everyone cares! At least that’s one thing I DO like about it here in “Bumble-F*ck” though; they don’t have a Pride parade!

The 7 YR old finished his math exam: 14 pages and it took him 2 1/2 HRS. We use the “Saxon” math curriculum which is like the PhD of homeschooling curriculum and is really hard ass, plus he’s a little genius and just finished off grade 5, and he’s doing really well  swimming as well, unlike my hubby(and my mother) who can’t swim at all, and my hubby trying to swim is like me trying to do math: he knows the “mechanics” of it but when he puts all the pieces together it just doesn’t work; he can’t float; like me trying to do math; I can memorize  the formulas and theories but when I try to put it into practice and put the numbers in it just doesn’t work out and I just don’t get it! The 11 YR old also saw “Chesapeake Bay” and thought it said “Cheap Skate Bay”  and announced to me that she’s a “Jihadist” and when I gasped, horrified, she goes, “What does that even mean?” She’d just heard the word on the news.That kid just makes me laugh so much!