FartingHippo(new) Fartly came! He’s the farting plush toy hippo we ordered from Amazon as my late Mother’s Day gift! They don’t ship here( alot of places don’t ship to this shithole country) so we had it sent to an address in USA and then had it re-shipped. It’s the funniest thing ever! You squeeze his middle and it makes farting sounds! He’s so soft as well and now sits on my bed which is a special honour as only 2 others have that privilege ; a pink “hippie” hippo and a tye die pillow the 11 YR old sewed for me. All the others are either on my cedar hope chest, bookshelf, or sitting on the floor. I had a dream about hippos as well: that we were at the “Ex” and a vendor was a leather shoe company from Australia who’s logo was a hippo and I bought a pair of flip-flops with a hippo face on it and they also had these chip bag clips where when you opened and closed it that it made hippo roaring sounds! It’s also supposed to thunderstorm on Canada Day on Tuesday(it always storms on Tuesdays!) and that’s our home business’ biggest money-maker of the YR….unless, of course it RAINS…..doesn’t it figure?

I’m so pissed off at my hubby as well: the teens were to go to the church youth group pool party and they even had a friend come over as he was supposed to drive her to it,too…..except he FORGOT that his home business had a booking( he thought it had been cancelled) so they ended up missing it(as they had no one to drive them) and were so disappointed,and all he did was shrug, “They’ll get over it!” when I chewed him out,and I yelled at him, “At least take some responsibility for it! It WAS your FAULT!!” and it’s NOT the first time he’s done this either; there’s been a few times he’s gotten the times and dates wrong for bookings for clients and it’s so NOT professional! I hate it the kids are always getting let down and the stupid bookings always take precedent and are so disruptive to our family life and the kids really resent it. What we ended up doing is just swimming in our own pool ( I was in the water so long I got really wrinkled!) incl. their friend but I’m still mad he let them down like that.

My mother’s also convinced she’ll die soon and wanted us to take one more last trip to the Caribbean together so we booked one for a week in early Oct. to Grand Cayman, Honduras, Cozumel, and Bahamas. I’ve been to the Bahamas before and I’ve been to Mexico twice although not to Cozumel itself. I’ve been to at least 12 of the Caribbean island, maybe even more; I’ve lost track.My cousins go to Honduras all the time and they love it. She has to borrow $$$$ from the bank to go even though I have no idea how she’ll pay it back( maybe she thinks she’ll die before then?) and even asked me if I’ll lend her some of MY $$$$ I have saved up for my surgery but I don’t touch that $$$$; it’s just for the surgery which I’ll likely end up having in Oct.( after we come back; not before we go as it’s a long and painful surgery to recover from) or November as I should be hearing back from the surgeon in July or Aug.It’s nice to have something to look forward to again though and I wish I could move to the Caribbean but for now a week will have to do.