Being Fey.

Warning(new) My grandmother used to call it “being Fey”; the ability to know ahead of time what’s going to happen, to know things you wouldn’t normally otherwise know, to have warnings(dreams, thoughts, visions) ahead of time of things that later end up happening, of knowing when you’re going to die, to have dreams that later come true, etc. She had that gift, I have it, my 15 YR old has it and so does my mother to a certain degree, as does my hubby. I remember when I was a kid my grandmother telling me how she saw this story on the news about a missing woman and she knew she was dead and knew exactly where the body was( in some hidden obscure place); she’d had a vision of it, even though the police were looking all  over for a long time, and when I asked her if she called the police and told them where they could find her she said no because then they’d think she had something to do with it ( I hadn’t thought of that) and later on when they’d eventually found the body it was exactly where she’d thought.

As for my mother, she has this “feeling” that she should go and visit her own mother( who she hadn’t seen in YRS) so she did and then shortly after her mother died. She also gets an uneasy feeling if something feels  not right and then avoids it, which my hubby has as well, such as driving down a certain road he gets a bad feeling as a warning so he’ll turn on to another road and then just seconds to minutes later finds out there’s been a bad accident on the road he was just on. As for our 15 YR old she has dreams that later end up coming true and sees things in dreams and in an order of sequence that later occur in the same sequence she saw in her dreams and remembered it.

Mine is more complicated: Even when I was a kid I remember it; for my entire life I had dreams that would later come true, ranging from seeing people in my dreams I don’t know and then later on meeting them in real life and recognizing them from my dreams,dreaming something I ordered will come in the mail the next day and it does, dreaming for YRS we would have a fire, KNOWING we would, not just a fear and knowing it was more than just a dream, and then we eventually did but because of the recurring warning dreams I was prepared and we all got out alive( even though the fire chief was baffled as it spread so fast and couldn’t see how we all got out alive) and knowing our son had leukemia even though he didn’t have the classic symptoms; I just KNEW in my heart that he did AND I kept having dreams that he did, incl. a particularly chilling one where I kept hearing a voice calling out sternly, “CANCER!” and woke me up in a cold sweat. I had dreams and a feeling as well that we were unsafe where we were and an enemy would come for us, which they did and we had to flee on short notice and move elsewhere. I also have had a feeling my entire life that I would die before I’m 50…..the same knowing feeling that I had about the fire….and the cancer. In any case, these are powerful abilities and not to be ignored. I certainly tune into it and pay attention and listen. Personally I believe it’s Heavenly intervention to protect us, guide us and to keep us safe. Whether it’s God, the Holy Spirit or our Guardian Angels ( or a combination) I am grateful for the “heads up” and advanced warnings and I heed the warnings.


As well, the 11 YR old said she has 3 black hairs on her “rude-part” and tried to brush them off and pull them off thinking they were dirt but they wouldn’t come off and then realized they were pubes (she’s been in puberty for a YR already and has boobs and wears deoderant) and I told her that means “Aunt Flow” will be coming soon,too, and she said she doesn’t want to get it and asked me what can she do to prevent it! I told her it’s natural and just something she’ll have to put up with,so she searches on the Internet how to prevent it and it said to not eat spicy food, to exercise, and to avoid food that puts heat to your belly, etc. and I told her that’s just a load of horse crap; the only way you can delay it is hormone injections but she’s NOT getting into that! She’s also a good 2 inches or so taller than the 13 YR old who hasn’t even started to develop yet!