I’m A Hippie.

Hippies I’m a hippie…..sort of. I’m a hippie in the wrong generation, in the wrong time period. I have alot of similarities with Hippies except for the drugs, environmentalism,and free love( sleeping around) but I AM only for peace and against war, violence and the military, I would have loved to have been at Woodstock, I love tye-die, peasant blouses, Birkenstock sandals, long flowing gauze skirts, jeans with funky patches on them, music from the 60’s, bead necklaces and bracelets, etc. and I like it how they stood up against The Man and rebelled against the system. They were against exploitation, greed, and Big gov’t. They were peaceful and non-violent. I was born in 1967 so near the end of the Hippie era, too young to remember it or to enjoy it but I do remember having a tye-die shirt when I was about 3 or 4 though.

As well, the 11 YR old said she’s been having cramps for the past 6 weeks or so only she didn’t realize that’s what they were and thought it just was she was hungry or had to go to the bathroom and one night it was so bad she went to bed early and I told her it means “Aunt Flow” will arrive soon, my hubby’s into yoga now and I wonder if he’ll run off and join some new age tree-hugging cult next, and Patti told me her son has to give his 8 YR old male dachshund away now him and his wife have a baby as it isn’t adjusting well to the new baby and he wants her to have it but her dog is a female and I wouldn’t mind taking it myself and the kids would love a pet as well but the problem would be trying to convince my hubby and my mother, and the “Cow Cat” was stung on the back by a bumble bee and it was stuck on there so the poor cat was running around like crazy and finally had to run under a bush to brush the bee off and it’s eyes were wide in terror and it was panting with it’s tongue kept darting in and out, the poor little guy!

I also swam daily for the past 3 days for 90 minutes with the kids as it’s been so hot lately, 28 C with the humidex of 38 C but I get so wrinkled and with all the kids and all their friends they usually have friends over every day as well, and the 19 YR old got mad when I helped myself to a serving of gravy as he wanted it all even though I AM a member of this family and I do live here too plus part of my $$$$ pays for the food so I am allowed to eat, and after church the 11 YR old took a “selfie” with her fave. priest and he did a funny face and she did this big loud fart in church as well and people turned around and stared and then she tried to blame me, and at the end they sang the national anthem for “Canada Day” tomorrow but in a silent act of defiant protest I refused to sing it; I won’t honour and be loyal to a country that has done nothing but betray me, screw me over, rip me off, over charge me, and make it so my greatest wish is to move somewhere else.