Gaza Now Israel has bombed another  UN school once again  where Palestinian civilians were seeking refuge, some 3000 of them, which the UN several times had warned Israel was full of civilians, and many of them were killed, incl. children in their sleep. The UN has called this a war crime and a disgrace, just one of many committed by Israel against Palestinian civilians during the conflict in Gaza over the past 3 weeks, leaving over 1500 Palestinians dead, 900 + wounded and 50 Israeli soldiers killed, hardly a fair fight. They have also targeted and bombed a park, another school where civilians were seeking shelter, mosques,market place, and hospitals, and warning it will only get worse. They are purposely targeting civilians! They use the guise they are targeting Hamas militants(and blowing up Hamas tunnels is one thing, but attacking hospitals, parks, shelters, etc. is quite another) when in actual fact they just use that as an excuse to try to eliminate the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. It’s nothing more than genocide and Israeli Apartheid yet the UN does nothing other than condemn it, but no action is taken, yet if it was the other way around and the Palestinians were slaughtering Israeli civilians there would be hell to pay, and how come Israel isn’t being sanctioned like Russia is over the Ukraine conflict? Why won’t anyone stand up to them as they bully their way across the Middle East with their Arab neighbours, crying “anti-Semite!” to anyone who disagrees with them. Targeting Hamas targets is one thing but targeting civilians is something else altogether!

I saw on the news that the majority of Israelis, over some 80%, support their gov’t and military in slaughtering the people in Gaza, brainwashed by their hateful propaganda and religious discrimination, and they harrass and intimidate their fellow Israeli protesters who are against it, saying that they aren’t “true Israelis” and that they should “go live in Gaza”. I agree Israel has a right to defend itself against terrorism( as all countries do) but the Palestinian civilians aren’t terrorists, and the terrorists aren’t IN the parks, the schools, the shelters, the markets, the mosques, and hospitals; that’s where the innocent civilians are(and they have nowhere else to go; they’re trapped and confined in a small area) and they KNOW it  and that’s who they’re really trying to wipe out under the guise of “terrorism”. Armies should fight  armies, not civilians. This makes them no different than the terrorists that they claim to be fighting and makes them terrorists themselves. Terrorists kill innocent men, women, and children and that’s exactly what Israel’s doing. It would be the same if it were reversed as well, if the Palestinians were doing it to Israelis; it doesn’t matter WHO’S doing it, what country is doing it, or what “side” is doing it; it’s wrong regardless and it shouldn’t be tolerated. Something needs to be done by the international community to STOP this senseless, brutal massacre. Israel needs to be held to account and  brought to justice. The slaughter needs to end. There needs to be an immediate ceasefire and peace. The killing needs to stop.

This is a crime against humanity.

Down Syndrome Pillow.

Pillow When I mentioned about my down ( feather filled) pillow the 11 YR old goes, “I have a Down Syndrome pillow,too!” I almost peed myself laughing. The 13, 15, and 16 YR olds have also been asked out on dates but they’re not allowed to start dating until age 18; they can have boys and girls that are friends, and they can hang out but no boyfriends or girlfriends or dating until then; they have to concentrate on school and the point of dating is to find a potential marriage mate and there’s no point in that when you’re just a teenager and too young to get married,anyway, and there’s no sense in setting yourself up for temptation,either. There were sunny periods yesterday as well and while I was out getting my suntan the blackflies kept bothering me but I guess that’s what you get when you live out in cottage country and they’re supposed to be building a marina here( at long last!) finally here as well to be ready next YR and I hope they’ll have canoe and kayak rentals as I’ll certainly go for it and bring the kids; I used to love canoeing at camp as a kid and I went kayaking in Hawaii and it’ll bring in lots of $$$ this going nowhere run down town so desperately needs,too, and the tourists will love it; we have lots of summer tourists that come for camping and cottaging. It’s long overdue and I don’t know why they didn’t think of it before.

I also noticed when we’d tied up a garbage bag on the veranda that it was moving and something kept bulging from the inside and as it turned out there was a squirrel trapped in there so I guess it had snuck in there and we never noticed and then we’d tied up the bag so we opened it up and let it out and there was another squirrel dead on our front lawn with half of it’s face all chewed off, I took a “How Old Are You?” test and got age 16, our second-oldest who lives in Japan is coming up to visit us for 2 weeks over Christmas and goes back the day after my birthday but winter is the worst time to fly as with snowstorms the flights are often delayed or cancelled ( which is why I refuse to fly then and the earliest I have is in March) and I remember once even in October one of my planes even had to be de-iced, the 11 YR old says she wants to run away from home because she hates having to do chores and hates being told what to do and wants to do what she wants, and the 19 YR old heard me mentioning the Ebola outbreak and asked me where it was and when I said in Liberia and Sierra Leone in Africa he goes, “I don’t care; it’s not in Canada!” so I told him he was insensitive, and every time I see Toronto on the TV news it makes me miss living in the city even more. If only we had the $$$$ to move back.