Hot Enough For You?

1July2014 It’s soooo hot and we’re expecting severe storms and there’s tornadoes around so welcome to the usual summer in other words. It feels like 40 C ( which would be 104 F) it feels like my eyes are melting.

Canada Day.

CanadaSucks(brandNew) Today’s Canada Day, Canada’s birthday, a national holiday with nation wide celebrations and fireworks, everyone has the day off; it’s a big deal. People wear  red and white and have flag tattoos and wave mini flags, all full of national pride, bragging how “great” and “wonderful” this country is and how “lucky” we are to live here, how “proud” they are to be Canadian,etc. It just makes me sick. It’s a day I despise and can’t wait to be over. Of course I don’t go to any of the celebrations because I don’t believe in any of it. I hate this place with a passion and my greatest wish is to leave . I’m embarrassed to be Canadian and this country sucks. If I could afford it I would have moved elsewhere long ago. It has done nothing but betray me, cheat me, over tax me, over charge me, rip me off, and limit my privacy, rights, and freedom. It’s also very anti-immigration, anti-foreigner, anti-religion, anti-life,and anti-family. I refuse to celebrate a country I hate. I want nothing to do with it.

As well, my belly pain was so bad it even woke me up overnight but eventually subsided and I went back to sleep and this time it was my belly button area and felt different than my usual ulcer pain, I have to re-do 2-3 of  the 11 YR old’s cornrow braids every morning, and I had  my recurring dream I move back to my old Toronto house only this time I didn’t like it and regretted it; it wasn’t the same and it wasn’t the same without a dog; you can’t go back and you can’t repeat the past as when you go back things have changed since  the way you remember it last.

The 18 YR old also left for 7 weeks at Cadets camp and next weekend the 13 and 15 YR olds leave; one for 3 weeks and the other for 2 weeks but the 13 YR old’s close by so we can still visit her on weekends but the others are over 5 HRS away, I pruned my peony bush( usually the 16 YR old beats me to it and whacks it apart with the nun chucks) and I told Patti if she’s not able to take Buddy (her son’s Dachshund) that I’d be happy to and the kids would love a pet but we’d have to convince my hubby and perhaps if he realizes that he needs a home and would go to the pound otherwise he might change his mind, esp. once he knows that he’s already  housebroken, affectionate and good with kids,and it won’t cost a thing and we get a purebred dog for free….we can hope….