Swim Daze.

PoolParty It’s so sweltering hot lately ( it was 30 C yesterday with a humidex of 40 C) that we’re swimming all the time, pretty much every 3 HRS! When we’re done we hang the bathingsuits and towels out in the sun on the fence to dry until we use them next! We’re in the pool on average an HR each time and the chlorine dries out my poor skin though and burns my eyes; they get all red, itchy and watery, and when the goggles ( I call “gogglers; don’t ask) get all fogged up I call them “foggles”…foggy goggles, get it, and I have these games I play with the 7 and 11 YR olds when I go under water and do a “bob” and they climb onto my shoulders and sit and then I do “bobs” taking them under water with me and eventually toss them off, I take them for a “dolphin ride” where they lay on my back and grab around my waist and we go under water as I swim like a dolphin to the other side, one where the 11 YR old “surfs” on my back,and another game where I do a handstand in the water and they have to toss the “ass-donuts” onto my legs, and one where they stand on the ledge and jump into the water and I catch them and swirl them around,and where I throw them into the water. We have so much fun!

I’ve been swimming forever and it started when my sadistic babysitter threw me into the deep end of the public pool when I was about 4 and tried to drown me but I climbed out by grabbing on to a woman’s long hair. After that I quickly learned to swim for survival but I became good at it,too,and was diving off the diving board by the time I was 6 and took swimming lessons every YR at camp, plus when I was 12 and 13 my friends and I took them at our school in the mornings in the summer and then I had more yet again in highschool swim class and at 13 I was just 1 swimming badge away from getting my lifeguard badge (I had earned so many swimming badges over the YRS!) but was unable to as with my breathing problem I just didn’t have the endurance to swim the laps required without getting out of breath. In highschool the teacher also asked me to join the school swim team( as well as the gymnastics team as I did gymnastics from age 4-20) but I declined as I don’t believe in competing and it would take the fun out if it; I just do it for fun; not to try and beat others or to try and be “better” than someone else.

As well, I hope we can get tickets to the upcoming Tom Petty concert next month as he’s been one of my faves ever since I was 13 and seeing him play live in concert is one of the things on my Bucket List, the 11 YR old called me “stupid” and “useless”, now calling me names and being mean to me just like the other kids and a little part of me dies inside every time she does, and she keeps asking me how much I weigh,too, and I tell her, “More than 100 pounds but I’ve never been 200 pounds” but she still keeps asking so now I just tell her, “3000 pounds, like a hippo!” I’m excited as well when I think about the possibility that we *could* possibly get Buddy but the way things usually go for me when I look forward to something or get excited or start thinking that something good might happen it doesn’t work out and I end up getting let down, like maybe Patti will decide to keep him afterall, or they’ll give him away to someone else, or my hubby and mother will still forbid us to get a dog even though it’s one thing that would bring a little  happiness into my life.

Yesterday on Canada Day we were lucky and it didn’t storm or rain afterall for our home business as it’s our best money maker of the YR so we did well. Every YR there’s always this same vendor  that tries to steal our spot ( even though they’re assigned) but this YR we were given a different spot( in not such a visible location at the park) anyway, and Canada Day’s generally just an excuse for the losers to drink beer and get drunk and an increase for drinking and driving even more than usual; typical for the rednecks here. This country is an embarrassment.