Dachshund This is what Buddy looks like, in case you were wondering. This is his exact colouring, a reddish-copper. I really, really hope that things work out and that we can get him; that his owner doesn’t change his mind and that my hubby can be convinced. It’s been something like 2-3 YRS since we’ve had a dog and both the kids and I REALLY want this and it would bring so much joy and happiness into my life right now and I really need this. I don’t want to get TOO excited though or to get my hopes up too much in case it doesn’t work out as I won’t want to be crushed with devastation and disappointment  if it doesn’t(as is usually the case in my life so I’ve come to expect it) but the possibility of it is exciting but I have learned to HOPE for the best but to EXPECT the worst .Still, just the thought makes me feel happy and hopeful…

Oh, please, please, please….

Tom Petty!

TomPetty I can’t BELIEVE it!!! I’m *FINALLY* going to see Tom Petty perform live! I got the concert tickets to see him in Toronto next month! I’ve liked him ever since I was 13 YRS old and seeing him live in concert is one of the things on my bucket list but the only time he was ever nearby before the only tickets available cost an outrageous 300$ each and my hubby said, “NO WAY!” but this time the 11 YR old heard on her radio they were giving away free tickets in a radio contest and even though I never win contests at least I found out he was HAVING a concert so we went online and got the tickets! We tried to get the cheapest 80$ each tickets but they were already sold out  but we got the ones just over 100$ which is the usual for such a performance so it’s reasonable and I can’t complain….but my hubby sure did though; he keeps on whining how he “hates going to these ‘stupid’ concerts!” but I can’t drive and I won’t go alone( esp. not all the way to Toronto…and it’s even worth the long drive there and back to see Tom Petty, and we went there to see Lenny Kravitz before,too!) and besides, we usually go to a concert every summer,anyway( my idea, not his) and then he scoffs why should he show any interest in what I like when I don’t show interest in what he likes but that’s only because I hate redneck stuff( and I always HAVE; it’s nothing personal, and I hated it before I even met him) and I have nothing against his chess, squash, or karate; I just can’t stand the redneck stuff like his pool, darts, hockey, country music, wrestling, cards, etc., and besides, it’s not like he doesn’t LIKE Tom Petty; he doesn’t really care either way. I’m so excited I can hardly wait! I’ve waited so long for this! Eeeeeee! I just hope something doesn’t go wrong and ruin it and I end up missing it, like it gets cancelled or there’s some emergency or something….

As well, my cousin’s wife had a mini- heart attack and she’s just in her late 50’s, the 11 YR old says everything’s “lame” now so not only is she IN puberty she even *sounds* like a teen now,too, the 7 YR old’s so organized he even makes out a daily schedule for himself that he follows, even in summer, and when I was 7 I never had a schedule; I went to school, came home and played with friends and in the summer I just lazed around and did nothing(except for when I was at camp) and pretty well all the cars that go down our residential street speed by quickly as well; you’d think it was a speedway! Patti also suggested we take Buddy for a 2 week “trial run”, sort of like “foster” care, where we see how it goes and I think it’s a good idea, and then see if we want to keep him permanently,so I told the kids and my mother, and the kids, of course, were overjoyed and thrilled, and my mother not so much and said, “I don’t WANT a dog!” but when I said, “Well, the rest of US *do*!” and explained it’s already housebroken she seemed more accepting of the idea, like it’s probably going to happen anyway so she might as well just accept it and get used to it(and besides, I DO have some say around here,too and am sick and tired of always being vetoed and over-ruled all the time and I want a dog and that’s IT!), but we haven’t told my hubby yet as we’re scared to mention it to him and don’t know how to approach it.

Things are also starting to finally look up for me now at long last, I’m feeling better with my medications and since the doctor increased my dose, and have something to look forward to and life looks like it might finally start to have some hope for me again,too: the possibility that we might be getting Buddy fills me with hope and happiness and would be a dream come true(and I’m trying to think positively), and I’m looking forward to going to the “Ex” as we do every summer, and now also to the long-waited-for  Tom Petty concert, and my next trip to the Caribbean in October as well.