I Wish I Was A Hippo.

SweetHippo(new)I wish I was a hippo, not only because I love them and think they’re cool, but because I could spend all day laying in the sun and in the water; it would be like everlasting summer only for my entire life, plus, nobody, I mean, NOBODY, messes with a hippo; I’d be BOSS!!

The Israeli Teens.

IsraeliTeens These are the 3 Israeli teens that were recently kidnapped and later tragically found killed. 2 of them were only 16 YRS old and the other was 19. They were last seen hitch-hiking home from their religious school when they went missing and their bodies were found 2 weeks later in a field. They had been shot and the militant Hamas group has been blamed even though they’ve denied any involvement. Shortly after a Palestinian teen was also found dead and burned, most likely in retaliation, and now there’s all sorts of rioting, unrest, protests,and violence, racial tensions increasing between Israelis and Palestinians and the situation only keeps on getting worse, with Israelis chanting, “Death to Arabs!” and Israel bombing Palestinian neighbourhoods and the Palestinians fighting back,and it goes on and on. I doubt there will ever be peace in the area and this has only worsened an already volatile region.

It seems to me, however, that the Israeli authorities were quick to automatically blame the teens’ kidnapping and deaths on the Palestinians even though they don’t know for sure who did it and were just looking for an excuse to blame them when in actual fact it could have been anybody, even an Israeli. It might have been a psycho serial killer for all anyone knows( or perhaps even an Israeli soldier knowing the Palestinians WOULD be blamed, hoping to incite such racial wars) and might not have even been a political statement at all. Their theory is that Hamas did it simply because they’re Jewish, in their minds seeing Israeli young men who would soon grow up to be Israeli soldiers that would oppress their people….but when you really think about it if they were coming home from a yeshiva the odds are they were likely Orthodox and they don’t even JOIN the army,and in any case, teens are in no way anyone’s “enemy” but simply young people who have now been denied the chance to grow up and live out the rest of their lives, leaving grieving families behind…..and for what? It’s equally tragic the loss of BOTH the Jewish AND Palestinian teens and disturbing how this has escalated into such violence and vengeance.

I have been to Israel and have seen first hand the difference between how the Israelis and Palestinians live; the Israelis live in good modern conditions but the Palestinians live sectioned off in their own ghetto neighbourhoods with military check points where the standard of living is much lower, like second-class citizens and to see that was just heartbreaking and I can easily understand their anger, resentment, and why they’re rising up against the gov’t and demand better living conditions, rights, and treatment. They live in poverty,oppression, and discrimination which we all know breeds civil unrest and violence . It never ceases to amaze me how the Israelites were once an oppressed people who lived in bondage for such a long time yet now they do the same to the Palestinians yet for some reason Canada and the USA are constantly sucking up to the Israeli gov’t and defending them and it’s not Politically Correct to dare criticize Israel or it’s policies.I pray that one day the region will have peace.


As well, we got our new Internet and it really IS 3 times faster, maybe because this one goes thru the cable lines instead of the phone lines like our other ones did and the kids are amazed now we can download stuff in just 3 minutes that took 3 HRS before and everything loads much faster now,too, and in the cities their speed is even 50-60 ( we got 20 and think THAT’S fast compared to what we’re used to!) and my friends in Europe and Asia their speeds are a mind-boggling 100-150! I can’t even IMAGINE what that would be like but that’s not available here in this half-assed country! I also think the best way to convince my hubby to allow us to take Buddy is to tell him we’ll “babysit” him for the 2 week “trial” period FIRST and THEN say about keeping him full-time later, once he sees how well it goes, how he’s house broken, how much the kids love him,and hopefully HE’LL love him,too…..it’s funny as well how the very first breed of dog I wanted as a kid WAS a Dachshund,too, but I never ended up getting one( my first dog was a Beagle) and now I might finally end up getting one after all these YRS! I hope….