Good Music.

TheWho I can’t believe the crappy music today, like the garbage my girls like( like lady GaGa, Taylor Swift,  Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, One Direction, etc.) there is so few good singers and bands today, not like back in the 60’s and 70’s when there was GOOD talented music like The Who, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, etc. all of which I would have loved to have seen live in concert( and I wish I had been there to see Woodstock,too) What happened to talent? How come we no longer have the good quality calibre of music today like we had in the past? Now it’s mostly that pussy pop crap with very few exceptions. Back then the crappy was the exception. My old friend( who I’ve known for 26 YRS now) was lucky enough to see Bob Marley in concert shortly before he died( he’s lucky and I’m JEALOUS!) and I’ve been to several concerts as well, such as George Thorogood( I’ve seen him 6 times or so), Aerosmith, ZZ Top, Kim Mitchell, Journey, Lenny Kravitz, April Wine, etc. and I want to see Rush and Robbie Robertson before I die as well but there’s just not the same amount of good quality talent like there used to be; it’s mostly crap. Even in the 80’s when I was a teen music was better than now; at least then we still had Toto, Alice Cooper, Quiet Riot, Def Leppard,Van Halen, etc. but there was still crap like Madonna( who I never liked then and I still don’t like now) Wham, Duran Duran,etc. but now the quality of music and the amount of good music has drastically declined.

As well, for the past 3 days the pool water’s really gone down each morning; almost down below the skimmer and we have no idea why; we’d think a leak except we don’t see any water leaking anywhere either outside the pool or downstairs near the pump and we have to run the hose 4 HRS a day to keep it up to the right level(if it gets too low, below the skimmer, it will burn the pump out!) so our water bill will be a fortune, and the 16 YR old said about “Klepto” “She ‘only’ stole from us ONCE!” except maybe not; she only got *caught* once and her “mom” told my hubby that she steals from her family TOO and told us she stole one of her friends’ iPod’s and had asked us if it was one of ours, and besides, it’s not acceptable even so; stealing is wrong, and I had a dream that I had 6 warts on my hand and that I got shot in the foot!

I also got 3 free downloads of Tom Petty’s pre-releases from his new upcoming CD because I bought the concert tickets online( how cool is that?) when we opened up the garbage can all these maggots bounced off and hit the ground and the girls shrieked and ran into the house screaming( it was so funny!) and my hubby was showing the boys how to play POKER and how to GAMBLE which infuriates me; what next? Take them to the casino or the horse races? Or how about a bar or a strip club? He’s such a bad example and is trying his hardest to get them to sin and be rednecks like he is; working against all MY efforts to try and raise them godly, and I’m so tired of him always using threats to keep me under “control”, to keep me in “line” and keep me in subjection that now I just ignore and avoid him and only talk to him when I absolutely have to; I’m sick of him being so unreasonable and cruel to me ( and my mother says it’s MY fault for not doing what he says and for “challenging” him!) and he’s just destroyed every hope and dream I’ve ever  had and ruined my life, and meeting him is my biggest regret. Patti also suggested that perhaps he’d agree to taking Buddy on weekends every now and then instead; to “ease” into it bit by bit and when she came by with the dogs the kids ran out and were fawning all over them and when I mentioned this idea to my hubby he didn’t seem entirely against it….so maybe over time his heart will soften and he’ll realize how unreasonable he’s being and will change his mind and let us have him? I can hope….