“Ketchup” Post.

Ketchup(July) Catching up on everything lately:

– The 11 YR old and I have our # 1 rule: “Don’t ‘diss the hippo!”

– The kids have sidewalk chalk but I don’t let them use it on the driveway, sidewalk, or road because it’s tacky and looks ghetto so I compromised and let them use it on our black trampoline because no one else sees it and it washes off easily.

– I lost 3 more pounds!

– The 7 YR old has a big red apple painted on his back and he said it just “appeared” there. Um, yeah…right….

– One of the saddest things I’ve heard is when a 96 YR old woman died a relative said that she died “Loving no one and  no one loving her”. That just broke my heart.

-I just love a good thunderstorm( which we get alot, esp. in the summer, usually several times a week, sometimes even a few times a day) they’re exciting and so much energy! I esp. love it when I’m in bed at night.

– There’s a new cat bylaw passed now where cats can no longer roam around loose and have to be on leashes like dogs so now if the animal control authorities see the “Cow Cat” coming around they’ll snatch him up so he’s now a felon and will have to lay low so The Man doesn’t come and take him away!

– The 11 YR old jeers that I have more wrinkles than my mother and my hubby and the 16 YR old taunt that sun damage ages people, a jab at me as I love to suntan.

– I heard on the radio that in USA Income Tax takes 30% of people’s salary but here it’s 50%. As always, we’re always getting over-taxed, over-charged, ripped off,and cheated all the time.

– The 11 YR old was outside dancing in the rain.

– I had a dream I was put on the No Fly List and wasn’t allowed to fly to or over USA so when I go to the Caribbean cruise in Oct. I couldn’t board the ship in Miami but had to fly to the next Caribbean port and meet the ship there but  being banned by USA I considered it an honour and wore it as a badge of pride.

– A category 5 typhoon is hitting  Japan where our 2nd oldest lives and works(holy shit!) and she entered a bathtub race and was interviewed on TV!

– Patti had to give Buddy back to her son as with her medical problems she’s in too much pain and can’t look after 2 dogs but he took him back reluctantly so she doesn’t think it’ll be too long until he returns him to her but he said he doesn’t want anyone else but her to keep him for good even though he’s no longer able to give him the attention he needs now with the new baby and he’s overwhelmed and she can’t handle 2 dogs, and she even said we could have HER dog some weekends  if we can’t get Buddy, to give her a break,and I get the impression that she  finds it difficult even taking care of her own dog now,too with her medical needs, let alone 2 dogs. Even having a dog around part-time is still better than not at all and it gives her a break as well.

– I’m glad Patti’s my friend now as I really  need a friend here; I’m so lonely. She might just still see me as a neighbour but I see her as a friend, but I’m scared if she gets to know the real me ( that I have Asperger’s, have to take alot of medication, can’t function on my own,and will never be independent) that she won’t like me anymore either and will leave, just like everyone else has always done, once they really get to know me; once they find out that I’m not normal. It’s really hard for me to make friends to begin with so when they all eventually  end up rejecting me it hurts even more.