Hippo iPhone cover.

HippoCase How cool is this? A hippo iPhone cover! You can also get it for the iPod and iPad! The 11 YR old wants it for her iPod. I don’t have any of these devices( because I’m old) but if I did I would get this for sure!

The Baby Sleeper.

BabyPJ Look what we found while we were cleaning: a baby sleeper from our oldest who has now graduated university and is a banker out in Calgary and turns 25 this YR! It has been passed down thru all 11 kids. Time sure goes by so quickly and I can’t believe it’s been that long; it seems like I was just pregnant with him awhile ago! We’re donating clothing that the kids have outgrown but I can’t bring myself to part with this; when I saw it, it brought back so many nostalgic memories. I can’t believe that this tiny little thing ever FIT him though, that he was ever that small! Now he’s over 6 feet tall and is even taller than my hubby! When he was born he was almost 8 pounds and now he’s all grown up; a man himself now and old enough to have a family of his own! I will keep and cherish this baby sleeper forever as a keepsake.

As well, the pool’s leaking even more now, at an alarming rate, esp. after we backwash. Now it leaks( from being filled almost right to the top) to below the skimmer line and I have to fill it back up again all day with the hose( as if it gets that low it’ll burn out the pump, so we have to turn the pump off until it fills up high enough and with the pump off and the water not circulating then we get algae and now the water’s green,too!) and even then within 1-2 HRS it’s low again and has to be re-filled all over again so the water bill will be astronomical, something like 600$ this month, maybe even more( which we can’t afford to pay) and we’re puzzled as to why and where the water’s going; we don’t even SEE any leaks anywhere and we’ve had the pool guys over and they can’t seem to find out why,either! My mother and hubby are furious at the expense, calling it a  “money pit” and just want to shut the pool down!

The kids and I also have purple feet all summer as we go around barefoot and the mulberries fall off our trees onto the grass and sidewalk and get squished beneath our feet and dye them purple( and those stains don’t wash off; they have to just wear off) and the seats of the kids’ shorts get all purple,too, from going down the slide where the mulberries have fallen and stained as well, and the “Cow Cat’s” owner came by( we finally got to see him) while he was laying on our lawn visiting us,and said to him,”Hi, Dog, are you being a good boy?” and I felt really awkward and weird, like I was “stealing” his pet, even though it always comes over here and visits us and hangs out at our house on it’s own free will.

As I sit out on the front veranda each day I eagerly wait for Patti to come by as well, eager for her visit and to talk and it reminds me YRS ago of how I used to wait for boys I liked to walk by or waiting hoping that they’d phone me…..I’d wait all day hoping…..I’m just so desperate for a friend. I have no life. I’m pathetic.