What’s Wrong With Our Pool?

PoolKids I wish I knew what was wrong with our pool! It continues to lose water at an alarming rate! Now it goes down to below the skimmer so we had to turn off the pump because if it gets that low it’ll burn out the pump, so now the water’s all green because it’s not circulating, so NOW not only are we losing water but it’s green and the kids are turned off and no longer want to swim in it anymore! Even when I run the hose all day to re-fill it, in just 1-2 HRS it’s right down to below the skimmer again so I KNOW it’s a leak and not just evaporation. At first we wondered if there was a problem with the pump or the filter but even with it turned off we still continue to lose water and the water level continues to go down lower so it’s not that so there must be a leak somewhere in the pool itself, such as in the concrete either along the walls or on the bottom, unless it’s in the pipes underground somewhere? We can’t SEE anything leaking though, not around the pool outside or in the basement near the pump so there must be a crack somewhere in the pool itself that isn’t visible.

If so it’ll have to be completely drained and the crack filled in and then sealed and repainted( you just can’t paint it yourself; it’s a special spray on pool paint) since alot of the paint has chipped off and the concrete’s eroded away( the pool is 34 YRS old afterall) which will cost THOUSANDS of $$$$$ not only for the paint but to replace the water again…..$$$$$ we just don’t have and just can’t afford…oh, shit, what are we going to DO? We’re having a guy come in to look but from the sounds of it and the cost I’m afraid we’ll probably just end up having to close the pool(and at this rate it’ll probably end up draining out completely anyway on it’s own) and covering it up (like we do for winter)because we just can’t afford to fix it and then we won’t have the pool anymore even though there’s still 6 weeks of summer left. I hate it that we don’t have the $$$ for anything anymore and that everything we have is shit and we can’t afford to get anything fixed or replaced:our microwave isn’t working, our PVR is shitless, the washing machine and fridge are making funny noises and are “dying”, the dryer door doesn’t close properly, the oven door falls off, the bottom half of our screen door fell off, etc. I really resent being poor.

As well, the 11 YR old and I had a Spaghetti War where we were throwing cooked spaghetti at eachother and it would stick to our faces and hair and I used a strainer to hold in front of my face as armour, and I heard on the news Toronto Mayor Ford was disruptive  in rehab; interrupting and making fun of other patients as they shared their stories, bullying them, getting into fights, breaking things, saying he doesn’t “belong” there, and demanding special treatment and it’s sad as he’s there to get help and the others are there to get help and he shouldn’t be acting like that; maybe he really IS just an asshole afterall?