This And That.

ThisAndThat – The lady across the street was telling us that she had leaking pipes underground they thought was under her front porch and would cost 5000$ so they dug up underground there but it ended up to be at the side of her house instead so they also dug up there and half her lawn and ended up costing 14 000$ ( I guess she had to get a bank loan; people just don’t have 14 000$ laying around!) and it took forever and she needed a new veranda and half her lawn re-sodded and she’s so fed-up and I don’t blame her! Who wouldn’t be?

– The 19 YR old says I’m a “redneck” because I lay out in the sun and get a tan….even though rich people do,too, such as on their yacht or by the side of their pool; everyone lays out in the sun; it’s not a social, economic, or cultural thing.

– The 19 YR old also kept insisting that “cyan” was pronounced “Kyan” and that “neanderthal” was “neandertal” despite everyone correcting him otherwise and then he said that everyone ELSE was wrong and HE’S right! He thinks he knows everything!

– I had a dream that we got to keep Buddy permanantly as a pet and he was running around our house and every time we picked him up he squeaked like a squeak toy.

– I love to lay on my back in the grass and look up at the clouds but they’re actually quite disillusioning: they look so fluffy from down here but when you actually get up close to them and fly thru them they really just look like steam or fog and it’s really disappointing. Life’s like that,too; things aren’t what they seem.

– With the pool leaking we lost 6 inches of water the first day and 1 1/2 inches each day every day since. Now it’s about half empty.

– My mother woke up at 8 pm the other night and thought it was morning so she got up, got dressed and came downstairs but then wondered where everyone was and why my pills were still out on my place setting on the table ( I do that to remind me every morning when I wake up to take them and then I put them away so I know I’ve taken them) so she asked the 7 YR old what  day it was!

– One of the 13 YR old’s friend’s parents saw a cougar in their backyard!

– I saw 3 trucks go down our street one after the other and the first 2 drivers were talking on their cell phones while driving and the other was texting while driving! When will people ever LEARN, and where are the cops when you need them?

– I took an online quiz “How Redneck Are You?” and I’m proud to say I only got 3% yet surprised I even got that high but that’s likely due to the fact that I answered “yes” to the question “Do you live in the country?”

– The 11 YR old was to go to quilting camp this week but it was cancelled as she was the only one who signed up but luckily we found an arts and crafts camp for the week she can go to and got signed up for instead where she can do drawing, painting, sculpting( she’s inherited my love of art!) swimming,and games so she’s happy.

– We have these rainbow chips in these cookies and the 11 YR old dubbed them “Gay Pride Cookies.”

– I saw our former next door neighbours at church yesterday and the lady that sits behind us I talk to but who has been avoiding and ignoring me for the past few weeks( although I have no idea why) turned around the other way and turned her back to me when I tried to offer her the “Sign Of Peace!” I wish I knew what her problem was but  I never said or did anything….