Return To Amish.

ReturnToAmish The cast from “Breaking Amish”  returned to a new summer series called “Return To Amish” which has just concluded after 7 episodes. Kate is still modelling in NYC and is also trying to launch her own fashion line and came to visit Mary and to see Rebecca as she has her new baby and also Sabrina who was also expecting a baby. Jeremiah also showed up (they were all there for Christmas) and continued to stay on as he had nowhere else to go and considered Mary to be family. Rebecca and Abe had their second baby girl she named Malika and Kate returned to NYC but returned later for more visits. Mary and Katie Ann also soon went up to NYC to give Kate a surprise visit which resulted in both Mary and her husband Chester being shunned from the Amish church which devastated Chester as the church and the Amish identity is his entire life. From that moment on they’ve been trying to be re-instated back into the church.(Katie Ann wasn’t shunned as she hadn’t taken her kneeling vow and become a member of the church yet)They were told in order to do so they must shun their children who have left the faith but Mary refuses to do so and won’t give up her kids no matter what.

Sabrina was pregnant all on her own, not with the baby’s father and with no support from her own family so Mary took her in and she and her friends became her new family and support system and were there for her as she gave birth to a baby girl she named Oakley. She later reconciled with the baby’s father Harvey and moved out of Mary’s house and her parents came to accept her child. Jeremiah continued to get into trouble, incl. being arrested for getting into a fight and decided that things had to change. He and Mary set up a store where they sold her Amish goods such as knitted afghans, quilts, dolls, and baked goods as with Chester being shunned he was no longer able to conduct business within the Amish community and they had to make money somehow. Jeremiah later decided that he wanted to go back to being Amish again as he wasn’t doing well in the “Englisch” world; there were too many temptations for him and he was lost; he needed the structure and sense of community and family that the Amish had to offer,that would keep him grounded and out of trouble.

Katie Ann was finding her parents’ shunning within the community hard as people also judged her and she found it hard to find guys that would approach her but she went to a hut party with Jeremiah hoping to meet guys but was quickly turned off by the wild antics there such as drinking, drugs and making out but did meet a guy and they started dating. She’s still undecided if she’ll stay Amish or go “Englisch” but Mary said she’ll support her either way, and Abe and his brother Andrew are working on mending their broken relationship as Andy was in jail yet again and when he got out his girlfriend Chapel urged him to straighten his life out and he promised that he would for her. Chapel’s cancer then came back and Andrew promised he’d stay with her every step of the way like he did before and asked her to marry him and at first she refused not wanting to put him thru that but later accepted when she realized how much he loved and cared for her. Abe, Rebecca, Mary,and Chester said they weren’t going to go to the wedding which broke Andrew’s heart but they later changed their mind and did the right thing and went.